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  1. No, no could about it, this is definitely WATTOO.
  2. I agree, I suspect he was just raging he couldn't get to do his wee Red Card flourish.
  3. I think I might have spotted the problem here.
  4. That is quite impressive, well done somehow.
  5. I am not a fan of Colin w****r but I do respect his abilities & Managerial acumen, this mob are beyond even his help.
  6. With the benefit of hindsight, maybe employing Wes Foderingham as an EPL level goalkeeper wasnt the best decision, although in fairness you could say the same for every player today.
  7. I am not overly convinced he will make it that far.
  8. Was just coming on to post ol' Jasper
  9. I am starting to think that Sheffield United might not be vey good.
  10. Thanks all, I really do not want feel like this but I cant shake it off.
  11. What a player Son is, the Spiv had to leave to make it so obvious but he is an absolute genius.
  12. It does not excuse anything I say or do on here but I am really struggling just now and I have no idea why. I have the easiest job imaginable and have zero money worries but I am constantly catasrophising & blaming myself for things that have not happened for no reason. I just want to be able to chill out & relax but my brain keeps picking faults continously 24/7, does anyone else have these issues or am I just an utter fruitloop?
  13. I am CDR & the Issa Brothers wet dream, not only do I happily Self Scan I face up after myself because it has been lngrained in me for Decades, seriously, FML
  14. And Leopards ate other peoples faces.
  15. *sigh* the Immortals just keep on keeping on, I suspect the World will end when Carter, Kissinger & Baxter cark it They appear to be almost Keef Richards like at this point.
  16. De Niro only got better after Taxi Driver & Raging Bull.
  17. If its yellow, let it mellow. If its brown, send it down.
  18. I know, I either need to chill out or up my game. For the sake of the mods I will try to chill out, they dont need my drama alongside trying to deduce what Duries latest alias is.
  19. Well aye, having kids fair calmed Fred & Rose West down right enough.
  20. Except it was not grudgingly, it was genuine & at the time it happened I was mortified as I mixed you up with someone else. I apologised & you accepted it. I acknowledge that I have an issue with that individual, I have zero time for their sneering condescending take on everything that does not align with their way of thinking. We all have opinions, but they are incapable of accepting that & instead try to mentally disintegrate anyone whose opinions differ, they are utterly toxic. I have no issue with anyone else on here, except for the recurring racist bigot, if I am the probem then fair enough,but hopefully that is not the case.
  21. Thanks for your concern but I am fine, I am wondering whose sock puppet you are though.
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