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  1. Be shite if we don't get to say bye and love you to the madman.
  2. Where did you get that comeback? The toilet store?
  3. ^^^ 1650 posts 52 green dots <<< 1141 posts 1786 green dots Unbelievable scenes for the 12th best poster in Pie and Bovril history.
  4. I've seen dogs more comfortable than Sweeney with the ball at their feet.
  5. That's very sweet that you remember my posts from a week ago. I've never even heard of you before now.
  6. Do you honestly expect someone who was raised by parents that helped him get drunk girls into his bedroom will have any sort of decency regarding anything?
  7. Feel free to stay at home none of us give a f**k tbh.
  8. At the rate you're drinking you'll probs not be alive to see us come to Greenock.
  9. The Cove poster on here seems pretty sound therefore I will not be offering a square go and I will accept a 2-0 victory. Thank you.
  10. @Bring Your Own Socks has been all over the place for the last few days. Poor wee goose.
  11. Honestly the rage and seethe from Queens Park fans in their thread might be better than our transfer window.
  12. Lorent*. Fs poor c***s 2 mins in the door and already misspelling his name.
  13. Bowyer has my trust on this. Welcome Lorant.
  14. If my missus never became pregnant 8 years ago I wouldn't be here right now. I have 3 life changing illnesses and I don't take any of them seriously. I'm not yet 30 and I doubt I'll see 2030. Be class if I could come back as a dog when it does happen.
  15. St Mirren fans thinking any manager they ever have wouldn’t leave them for Aberdeen is funny.
  16. Just like the match itself this thread is all one way traffic. Not a stinking weegie in sight.
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