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  1. To the surprise of nobody, no Queens Park fan has came forward looking for a fight. Cowards.
  2. If we were to replace Rudden with a Labrador there wouldn't be too much of a difference.
  3. Imagine not even having the guts to tag the 12th best poster in the history of Pie and Bovril. Total coward.
  4. The last thing Aberdeen fans need right now is some dingus Celtic fan trying to show support.
  5. Because the thought of being friends with a horrible weegie c**t is giving me the full on boke.
  6. Any of you weegie losers wanting your head kicked in this weekend let me know and I’ll make it happen.
  7. Absolutely love it when the entirety of Scottish football comes together to laugh at others.
  8. The Darvel manager used to post on p&b. That's a victory for us, troops.
  9. Gonna be gutted when Aberdeen equalise then score a late winner.
  10. Si lives near Gardyne and has been known to visit the training complex.
  11. If any of you have a wee one born in 2018 looking for a football team, DM me.
  12. If anyone has a 2018 boy interested in joining a team, DM me for info.
  13. Whenever times are hard at this club I have to remind myself that in the not so distant past Martin Woods actually captained this once proud club. Things look brighter after that.
  14. Who would win, 11 Cillian Sheridans or 11 Martin Woods?
  15. That’s shite for French who for the most part has been good this season. Hope he recovers well.
  16. That's revenge for McPake leaving us in the shite with honking players on honking contracts.
  17. I will be reporting to the mods each and every time someone says they would be okay with us signing Butcher.
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