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  1. A lassy in my office who didn't realise there was a UK version of the office. Some people have never lived.
  2. Aye, that's what to do.... Pit for fastest lap and lose 1/2 positions.
  3. Mercedes shafted Russell here. Guaranteed to be eaten up by Sainz 1-on-1
  4. God, Croft is such a dumbass. More chancce of me flying to Japan the now and catching Leclerc.
  5. Part of me thinks that sending him back out is purely to make a cvnt of him for making an arse of this.
  6. Mercedes taking each other out would make this early start worthwhile
  7. Getting harder to defend him, having an absolute shocker here.
  8. Feels like a harsh penalty for Perez there.
  9. Ardbeg 'Wee Beastie' is £34.50 in Tesco. Could not walk past that offer. Tremendous for the price.
  10. That williams mechanic looked exactly like me when the red flag is thrown at 07:10 and I could be in my bed.
  11. Decent weather fcast for Suzuka. As much as I enjoy the chaos, last year was a joke.
  12. Only race of the year I've missed and it sounds tremendous
  13. Sometimes, the complaints will be false....
  14. I laugh at that every time btw. So petty
  15. Ferrari not undercutting, basically their only card to play.... They've not done it. Perez could be in the mix as a result now
  16. So it needed 1.5 formation laps and a stoppage. So not really that quick then.
  17. F1 really do love to suck the fun out of the occasion. To take that long to move a car is embarrassing.
  18. Hopeful for a decent race today. P1 is obvious but should be a good battle if the usual suspects all have a podium battle. Interesting to watch how Albon does. Ive changed my mind about him of late, seems to have found something special in that car.
  19. Mercedes extending Russell and Hamilton is wonderful news. Really enjoyed rooting against them both, here's to another few years
  20. Bernie Collins has been a really good addition to the Sky coverage. She goes some way to offset some of the tabloid style shyte that Croft comes out with.
  21. Mercedes having a nightmare is tremendously pleasing.
  22. The undercut on Perez is strange. Shafting him seems totally unnecessary to me.
  23. What's this? An entertaining race....
  24. Massa comes across as quite a pathetic character imo. If sky sports invited me to commentate on the Brazilian GP where I lost it in the last corner, id tell them to ram it. Although, I'm not Massa.
  25. The Massa news story has me thinking back to the late 2000s era. Dont know about anyone else but I was buzzing for Hamilton, the general story etc and the way he won the Championship for the first time was class. Trying to think when I decided he was a fanny, almost immediately after tbh.
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