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  1. Wasn't at the game and by all accounts we were unlucky/hard done by again, but at the end of the day that's 2 points dropped. To win this league we must start beating these pish pot teams, end of story.
  2. How did Burrell do today? Allen scoring that late goal brings back memories of last year... Burrell keeps scoring but never gets a proper run in the team. What's the chances of Allen getting a decent chance next week .... zilch!
  3. Is it just me or anybody else have issues any time they try to phone the club shop? Tried umpteen times today and just rings out to answer machine.... last time I had reason to phone a couple of months back, I called 12 times between 1000 and 1330(I was that passed off I actually checked my phone and counted). I eventually drove down to the shop. expecting it to be heaving with customers, hence why they wouldnt answer the phone, and there wasn't even one customer in the shop?
  4. Looking at the groups and the fixtures, I reckon it would take an unlikely set of results to get through on 8 points. There has been plenty surprise results so you never know. Dunfermline have already played all their games and are on 8 points with a plus 5 and likely to finish 2nd, so that needs to be our 1st target to have any chance... put at least 5 past Peterhead.... so that no doubt means Mcglynn will go 1 up top and try to sneak a 1-0 win!
  5. What's the script for tix tomorrow night or is it pay at the gate, can't find info anywhere? Failing that's is it on Falkirk tv or not? The link to the new website say "no ppv" for the Spartans game yet the board statement issued earlier says they will be streaming it? I
  6. New top gets my 12 year olds seal of approval , came running out to show me it on his phone when he came in from school.... "I love it dad, I want it!!"
  7. My mate is going up tomorrow to get his season ticket seat for next sat, would he also be able to get mine for me if he gives them my details?
  8. Off work and on the bevvy, presumably...
  9. Back to the play offs ... trying to work out what holidays I might need. Semis are straight forward, finish 2nd and 2nd leg at home. For the final, 1st leg at home if we play the Championship club... What happens if 4th in league 1 beats the Championship club? Do they take the place of the championship club and get the 2nd leg at home or would finishing higher in our league take precedence for 2nd leg home advantage?
  10. What's the general feeling for where most people will buy seats for the semi, North or West stand, especially if taking an 11 year old? Was initially going to go for the West as I thought the wee man would prefer the atmosphere but I think this area is also getting referred to as a "standing" area which would be a nightmare for him. I take him to all the Scotland games and generally go for the East stand but when everybody decides to stand he can't see anything. Thoughts?
  11. First 30 mins was a continuation from last Tuesday, we were rotten. Once we got going there was only one team winning that backed by an excellent support (where were all these voices last Tuesday?) MOTM... Henderson, Mccann, Mcginn, Morrison, Max or even Kennedy ? Mathew Wright, by the way, is shite... Pretty refreshing too for a fair few fans from other clubs coming on here and offering their congratulations instead of some of the usual pish you get (just leave all that shite to the old firm Scum) On the subject of the Old Firm...Hugh Keevins after that nonsense you were spouting the other day, "get yer self to f**k.
  12. Final Is the 3rd of June, not sure when his contract ends but maybe 31st May? In which case he could play
  13. While I don't disagree how disappointing it is for somebody with genuine important inside info, betraying that trust, by blabbing it on here, what would be really moronic would be an opposing manager coming on here, believing it and then basing his own team selection and tactics around some "rumour" he read on a fans forum the night before a game....
  14. Lol, this is a strange one... I thought I was cracking up!! Walking down to the game on Tuesday night I looked at the line ups on the Sky Sports app and said to my son, that's good Paul Watson is on the bench, then also noticed and said shit, Kai Kennedy is missing he must be injured then never thought any more off it until Kai Kennedy was subbed on? Wtf! Then looked at the app again and Paul Watson was missing for Kennedy.
  15. Fantastic support and atmosphere today but a minority really let us down during the minutes silence, whatever your view is on the monarchy is fine but surely to f**k people can show a little respect for 1 minute for somebody who has died! And get those flares to f**k as well, wouldn't be surprised if the club end up with a fine, we can little afford. One of those flares also hit a Falkirk fan on the head who was standing at the front with his young son, could have been a lot worse if it had hit the young lad. It's ironic it took friggin ages to get in and some people missing the start of the game due to everybody getting searched and still managed to get a box load of them in? Some people either need to grow up or drink less.
  16. The SPFL will announce the suspension of all football below SPL for the mourning period of 17 days. All SPL fixtures to be allowed to continue as normal!
  17. Can you PM me an email or number so I can book 2 seats for a non member Cheers
  18. Cheers For future reference where did you get this from..
  19. Anybody know what time the supporters bus leaves from York Square Grangemouth tomorrow ? Unless I'm missing something somewhere I couldn't find any info anywhere for any supporters buses.
  20. Anybody know if there is any buses going(with seats available) to Dundee?
  21. Main point of the comparison to mccoist was the rewards of giving somebody a chance who "gets into the positions", like Alegria done very well yesterday, in my opinion. As also a child of the 80's I remember well the criticism Mccoist used to come in for when he first signed for them because he missed so many chances, pretty sure it was a couple of seasons before they took to him when the penny finally sank... he might miss 200 silly chances a season but still sticking it in the back of the net 40 or 50 times was actually the important bit.
  22. Agreed! Even at his age deserves to be playing at a higher level with better players round him. Couldn't believe the comment from somebody earlier saying he was poor today?
  23. Lots of harsh criticism for Alegria, give the guy a chance, comments like horseshit are ridiculous, do we never learn from some of the nonsense that was dished out to Dowds. Fair enough if other fans want to have that opinion from their experiences but surely the least we can do is give him a bit time, the advice M&S got was he just needs a goal.... I've been at most game so far this season, we have scored a handful of goals and frankly hardly looked like scoring any more than that... today the lad was at least doing what any decent striker should be doing... getting into positions to get chances, probably more chances than we have had all season, if he keeps doing that then a goal will come... then we will see if he can kick on, and if not, then dish out the criticism. I seem to remember the criticism "Sally Mccoist" used to get at Rangers, he missed some howlers and probably missed 10 times more than he converted but his scoring record was still phenomenal because he was on the end of everything and looking for every scrap.
  24. Lol, yes it's defo Chirray. He's about 80 now working as a local lorry driver, great work ethic and puts all the young guys to shame!
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