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  1. I read an interview where Farrell and Gleeson say its a movie about how wars start. Im no sure how serious they were though but might be what its trying to say.
  2. Yeah your right it had that exact feeling Small Plot spoiler ahead: Im surprised it got a 2nd let alone a 3rd. It was so bland and for that type of story where your basically following a group of survivors you need to be invested in the characters at least a bit. The actress from downton abby, it was like she was playing the same role. Exactly the same acting as in Downton. Byrne was terrible. It was weird how things progressed. Like when Byrne finds out some crucial info and goes to his exwife who hes been stalking , meets her new man throws him down the stairs kills him, he seems to just take it in his stride like its no big deal , then hes hiding the body and Byrne and exwife go off. It all seemed slightly off like whole scenes were missing or they just couldnt be bothered
  3. the American/French one with Gabriel Byrne, it was awful. I stopped after 2, still no aliens by 3/4 episodes? There was so much wrong with it hard to know where to begin.
  4. Some nice goals against Well on Wednesday, Hatate's was great and Abada hopeully has found his shooting boots finally.
  5. Does Boris not still have some things coming up in terms of how he acted during covid etc, nothing will change if he comes in. He will just lurch from one crisis to another like it was before
  6. im hoping for a total free for all infighting self destruction nothing left of the c***s leadership contest
  7. my opinion is that a yes vote at Indy is just a yes to independence, the big fundamental questions for Scotland after that should be decided in a referendum within a year or 2 max after that. EU, Currency, Nato etc. That should all be decided by the people of Scotland. I would be surprised if the SNP think they have the power to decide these things but the reason I ask is I havent seen anything where they state how this will happen. If they are saying they will decide these questions I dont agree with that and they need to be clearer about that. Its very important at the start of an independnt Scotland that we decide those big questions not any political party
  8. I havent read it but who are they saying is going to make the decision post indy, The people of Scotland post indy in a referendum, whoever wins the first election in Scotland post indy or something else?
  9. I would agree a 2nd referendum is needed but I havent seen anything mentioned by SNP to say thats the plan, same for issues like currency, Nato. Maybe I have just not seen this though? Id have thought these things would have been published by SNP.
  10. I d be interested to know what the high level plan is for after a Yes vote. Are decisions on currency, EU, Nato and some other fundamental topics for a New Scotland going to a referendum vote asap after a Yes vote, are they going to be decided by the first elected Scottish government who will campaign on their choice, whats been said by the SNP on that?
  11. I think your right to some extent, some Yes voters are overly optimistic about how easy the negotiations are going to be. In a way it would be easier to have gone independent in 2014 when we were in the EU. For me the Independence path has always made more sense to me for Scotland and in the long term will be more suited and more accountable for us. Thats why we should do it. In saying that some realistic debate and discussion now about how it will happen and whats required are needed, managing expectations is important especially in the short term after a Yes vote. Getting a Yes in an indy 2 is the easy bit, the hard work starts after that. Thats something we should all be aware of and also be invested in as a nation. Its something we will all do together whether we voted Yes of No.
  12. Reality is needed on both sides of the debate, its good to discuss these points. Then if/when Yes vote wins. That reality helps ensure a smoother transition.
  13. Its going to be bonkers boris i think, hard to believe after everything thats happened this is what the tory party believe is best. A party gone completely insane.
  14. War of the worlds, first episode is ok by end of 2nd your wishing they were all dead.
  15. I guess if Putin wins the vote, we know it was hacked “The Guardian reported earlier today that the National Cyber Security Centre had contacted the Conservative party over its leadership voting preparations, amid concerns a rogue state could attempt to interfere with the contest.”
  16. Theres no guarantee, thats why a good plan is essential. Brexit showed what happens if you go into a major change with no idea what you are going to do after. Every possible eventuality needs to be thought out and prepared for. We have had plenty time so all these things should be in place already.
  17. I would think only Rishi Sunak could provide any stability to the Tories just now, Boris will be a complete shit show. He might bring them up in the polls but all the baggage he brings, all the things coming up still for him it would be lunacy for the tory party to make him leader. So theres a good chance it happens I hope to f**k Labour win the next GE and SNP get 50% or more of vote, Can Labour realistically win without winning more seats in Scotland?
  18. if supreme court says no is the only option SNP getting 50% or over in a GE? Surely theres other options and plays that can be made
  19. and you think it cant get any worse then they talk about Boris coming back, ffs
  20. Not sure but constant pressure from all angles on the undemocratic inelected tory party could be enough on its own
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