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  1. If you read back, you will see a close family member is part of the CI....therefore I do have the “know”. Kieran was not the issue why there was a fall out.
  2. Interesting game tonight to see the young lads. Krasniqi struggled at the start but became much better as the game progressed. There is a plyer in there. With Weekes we have for once, another wide guy to Morrison....always wanting to take on defenders and move forward. The 2 highlights were the goalie and Lemon who I thought was outstanding for his 1st game ...the lad strolled it. Ompreon I'm not sure about, but hope that he learns from tonight. He should have seen this match to stake a place in the front line, but didnt really do anything to justify a start anytime soon. Caught offside too often, the ball didnt stcik to his feet, defenders knocked him of fthe ball too easily. Early days though !
  3. Not that far off the mark when the three kids were bumped up to the Senior Squad before even kicking a ball in anger. At 18 they were either too old or on the cusp of being too old for the U-18 squad. As for the Cove part.... I'm hoping you are right.......but remember what happened last season between us and Partick. At the moment, I'm more worried about QP !
  4. The development recruits aren't really development recruits. They are signed to be sqaud players....unless you think the development age starts at 18.
  5. Certainly the size is what's needed. If he is an enforcer as well...that can only bode well ! Looking at the pic.... I don't think there will be many that will mess with him !
  6. Agree entirely. It's just a pity that there are tens of thousands in Scotland, if not hundreds of thousands who think otherwise. The number of "55" stickers and posters around the town makes me want to puke. FFS, there is even one with a flag pole in Redding with "55" painted on the base whilst the Union flag is flying high. Their interest is not in football, but bigotry and intolerance. Just to emphasise, the other "green" side are no better ! This is why I took umbrage with the flag on Saturday.... unfortunatley it represents everything that is rotten in Scottish football
  7. Unfortunately, in Scottish football terms, the Union Jack is always going to be wholly associated with those who support Sevco. Therefore, it has no place whatsoever at TFS as a flag representing our team.
  8. For the first time in about 3 season I came away from Westfield with a feeling that we have a football team on the park that can play attractive footy and are told not to be negative and defensive. It was great to watch. Most of the team were excellent, Nesbitt in particular, but we need to sort out our defensive deficiencies. A couple of balls that screeched across the face of the goals in the first half and some slack possession by Hetherington and Miller could have cost us against a better team. I think Sheerin might just be the guy we have been looking for after the dross we have had for several years. All in all a good day ! As to your post, the Greaves Sports deal is just an online shop. The merchandise offer is still the clubs remit. Well done to the club for organising the section for high risk fans. The new CEO ....time will tell. The development squad is still not there. Don't believe the hype about young guys being promoted to the first team as some of them are already in their 20's Scouting.... fingers crossed. The Boardroom cabal.....I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. They have fallen lucky with Sheerin in my opinion. Remember he wasn't even their first choice ! You will see me again
  9. Just wondering if Dowds would make a better centre half than striker ? He looks big enough. Might be worth a try. Happened before with Yogi !
  10. If that were the case, then why give him a 2 year contract ? Surely more sense just giving him 12 months.
  11. Spot on! I have a sneaking suspicion that Sheerin might just be able to make a silk purse out of pigs ears. His style of play and set up is a breath of fresh air after the last few turgid seasons. One or two solid signings is all that is needed. Let’s hope he gets the cash to do it.
  12. Ahhhhh a happy clapper who cannot see anything wrong with club. I'm a season ticket holder, shareholder, sponsor, 1876 club member .... donate to the club when they are cash strapped ....supported the team since before my first game at Brockville in 1964....had buckets in my hand when we were in administration. Stood outside Brockville to shout at the Deans from the Borders. My commitment to this club shouldn't be in question (although you seem to think it should) and alongside many other supporters who want to change the current regime. These guys are not my friends or family.... but I do know some of them and know they would do a helluva better job than those "pals or family' members of yours who sit on the Board at present. I'm pleased that you are so happy with our current situation.
  13. Deans et al led us to 5th position in Div.3, not even making the play offs. Rawlins have been in the background for a good part of last season and appear to have done nothing to improve us for this season. We have now been in this league for 3 seasons and being talked about in the same terms as Alloa, Montrose and Airdrie. ...not even at the same level as f*****g Arbroath Deserve a chance? ...we are going nowhere with the current incumbents. The guys who were putting their cash where their mouths were and Indicated where one of the major problems lay (Holt), maybe deserved the chance.....not Deans and the others on the Board who are totally responsible for where we are.
  14. So...no difference from the current BoD then, apart from an extra £500k in the bank, the likelihood of Holt gone and maybe, just maybe good guys taking the club in the right direction. Yep we are all happy with Gary “you won’t get a better Chairman than me” Deans plus his lackeys and what he has delivered to the club. I think I would rather take the chance with 11 unknown guys who are all Falkirk fans.
  15. Welcome back Banta ! Nice to see you absolving the club of all blame ... I wouldn't have expected anything less !
  16. Deans doesn't think there is anyone better to be Chairman of the club, despite taking us to our lowest level in decades and overseeing the current shambles. I don't think "accountable" is a word in his vocabulary.
  17. Would that be East Fife, as they are the only Fife team we will play in the league next season?
  18. ...and if Stuart decided to be at the head of it.....I'd be more than happy to participate and he would get my vote ! Others... I'm not so sure. The problem with this is that you might end up with those who desire a blazer being involved just to get their feet under the table in the Boardroom. Will they really act in the fans best interests or just be sycophantic to those already on the Board? This association needs a strong independent person heading it up.
  19. I think the idea is that you will have a say, along with others who put cash in, about who will represent you. I don't think it's the guys currently organising it that will have the final say. They are just setting it up and perhaps walking away.
  20. Why not do both ? Doesn't cost them anything for keeping fans updated.
  21. I think the point is that the club would have a much more substantial wedge of much needed cash if we hadn't used PayPal. In addition, I hope we are following Paypal guidelines and have approval for the 50/50 ( we must have, surely ??) as :- PayPal prohibits the following activities, even where the specific activity is lawful and/or is not legally defined as gambling, unless the transactions are associated with an approved merchant. Lottery tickets –Include the purchase or sale of any opportunity to participate in a raffle, drawing, sweepstake, pool, or any other form of game or contest involving the distribution of prizes or monetary compensation.
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