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  1. This is should be  easy for the board .

    Option 1 

    Do nothing we will definitely go down to League 2 .

    Option 2

    Get rid of Bartley at least give ourself a chance of staying up it will cost us but it is simply not working with him as manager. 

    Why do we put 3 subs on at the 91 st min when 5 nil down what is the point of that .


  2. 2 hours ago, ShaggerG said:

    I'm really not having a go at Queens here lads, but were you not a bit fortunate against DU? The stats were amazing, surely on another day a few of those efforts go in?

    That worrys me a bit .

    At times it was United v Harry Stone think he had a amazing 16 saves he will not do that every week .

    Players did lift it for  the Cup game but will they go back down to the normal rubbish they have played this season time will tell.




  3. 19 minutes ago, Otis Blue said:

     ... fair point but the Buddies are sitting clear 3rd in the Premiership just now so this is gonna be a level up from United (where we rode our luck a bit) and it's in their back yard.

    Probably a 4k crowd so the cheque will be a bit meh after all our efforts on Saturday. Gotta hope, but it looks a bit pish.

    The whole draw does not have a decent game  in it .

    We could have got worse say a away trip to the Highlands make nothing at least we will make something .

    Very difficult a step up from United  but we must forget about it for now game not untill 20th Jan.




  4. 45 minutes ago, MallanandFlanagan said:

    35 shots to 9! And we are through! Unbelievable!

    Think Stone must have saved about 20 odd of those shots brilliant performance 

    Amazing if every player gives 100 % and really puts the work in you will get the result .

    Won a penalty shoot  out as well .


  5. 8 hours ago, bod said:

    So, what team does or can Bartley field tomorrow, injuries, accidents and discipline permitting?

    Strangely we have performed better against higher level opposition who tend to come at us. Efe has had his better performances against these teams where he just does the basics of defending and doesn’t have his Beckenbauer/Hanson moments where he tries to come out from the back weaving his way through half the opposition.

    Like most I’m expecting to lose this but think (hope) it will be a good tight game.

    No chance of a good tight Cup Tie. 

    Another easy away win.

    As expected more away fans than home any tiny bit of feel good factor has long gone at Palmerston 

  6. The worse thing about Saturday was that Kelty were there for the taking.

    Should have been a couple of goals ahead then Efe got bored gave away a stupid corner then decided he did not want to mark his man .

    A decent manager would have had them fired up for the 2nd half but we started the half poorly lost 2 bad goals heads went down game finished .

    Amazed Bartley seems to have survived this surely the booing and a crowd of 945 says it all.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Rjc-1988 said:

    I can’t honestly believe that the Club could contemplate having MB in post for next match. Admittedly the cup match is surely a write off barring a monumental shock but   the prospect of him continuing at the helm for League business is surely not an option?

    Looking at the league table we are one of 4 clubs who are relegation candidates. With new Manager, FC Edinburgh are not a lost cause by any means , Annan look at least on a par with us as are Stirling. Don’t see Alloa being dragged into the scrap so we are two of 4 obvious candidates. The rest of the teams certainly look noticeably stronger than the current bottom 4 barring a turnaround.

    BOD have stabilised the club financially which is no mean feat given our dreadful attendances in past few seasons but a relegation to L2 on their watch is unthinkable but far from impossible.

    The board have already said we will again lose a  six sum a from last season and that is even doing well in the Viaplay Cup and having a cup tie with Rangers .

    This season we are on course to lose almost double what we lost last season.

    Only thing keeping us going is the £500,00 covid money  we received from the Gov which is disappearing fast .

    We are talking  upwards of £50,000 to sack Marvin then get another manager in you are writing off the best part of £100,00 with no guarantee we will be any better .

    We as a club are heading down fast in every way somehow or somebody has to try and put the brakes on


  8. I now feel sorry for Marvin he really has a impossible job.

    He really is giving 100% doing everything he can to help the players but some just do not care.

    His interview really shows he does not stand a chance of getting this squad to win games of football .

    It would be best for all concerned to try and work out a deal for Marvin to  leave 

  9. 25 minutes ago, Nithsdale Wanderer said:


    I don't regard myself as an oversensitive person and don't mind a bit of humour but I think these comments are disrespectful to say the least.  To label people who may have health conditions as ' pathetic ' is unacceptable.  Would you rather  someone had a Heart Attack - just to demonstrate some passion to you ?

    There is nothing worse than seeing that a game and the sadness it brings.

    I am not able to go as often as I used to - certainly not in the colder winter weather - but when I do I have to behave differently than I used to between 1968 and 2013.  It was an automatic reaction to jump out of one's seat when we scored but I have to stop myself doing that now.  I do manage a light handclap but not for too long !

    I think you were trying to indicate that the football is for everyone including youngsters but in doing so have turned it on its head to marginalise the ' old and infirm' .

    I have always said and believed that the Terracing is the best and proper place for singing and creating an atmosphere.

    Not getting into any age thing  but today the young boys were trying to lift the players doing no harm.

    It is great to see young fans the group started at over 100 but now down to about a dozen who we are doing  good job of driving away .

    I only wish that was our only problem 



  10. 2 minutes ago, Monkey Tennis said:

    I still don't think he'll get sacked on the back of today. 

    Obviously, I might be wrong, but I think there will be a real reluctance to get rid, this early in a 2 year deal.  If we're firmly in the bottom 2 spots it'll have to happen, but until such time, I see him staying put.

    Today was the last straw it can't go on any longer if will cost us to get rid but we must somehow find the money.

    945 fans says it all that will keep going down as will Queens unless we do something .


  11. 10 minutes ago, Otis Blue said:

    Does he have a choice?  We've got ourselves a first class ticket to L2 at the moment and if he wants to avoid it then he's going to have to spend some dough.  At least Dodds is available and kicking his heels just now.  If he doesn't bite the bullet then ...

    We can't not sack Bartley .

    It will cost us but going into League 2 would be a disaster .


  12. 1 hour ago, bod said:

    Last Saturday!!!! Some of us have personally witnessed a lot more than that and every game has basically been as bad if not worse.

    You want to give him the Kelty and Hamilton games by which time we'll probably be in the relegation playoff place, before he has to go?

    Insane to say the least, you are a Queens supporter are you?

    We have to try and give him as long as we can will cost a fortune to pay the rest of his contract..

    Do we give Bartley the Jan transfer window to try and inprove the squad or do use that money to pay the remainder of his contract 

    Difficult decision for the board


  13. 27 minutes ago, Nithsdale Wanderer said:


    Three homes games and seven points out of nine have changed the mood at McDiarmid Park since Steven MacLean vacated the manager's seat.

    While it doesn't always come off, St Johnstone have looked noticeably more forward thinking since the club legend departed.

    Less scared of making a mistake, more roused by the challenge of staying in the division. After this battling win, they move off the bottom for the first time since 2 September.

    The above taken from BBCSPORTSCOTLAND.   

    As it says , it doesn't always come .off but in reading that I couldn't help think of the parallells to our situation - although thankfully we are not at the bottom of the pile.

    The phrases " more forward thinking "  and " less scared of making a mistake " resonated and - given our dismal Home record - the prospect of "three home games and seven points out of nine"  is very appealing to say the least.

    Like most, I want the current Manager to turn things around and bring the fans some cheer, especially at Home , but it just looks and feels like that is not going to happen.

    I am sure St.Johnstone fans wanted McLean to succeed but it clearly wasn't working and they plumbed the depths in what turned out to be his last game and looked to be in a desperate situation.

    Who - and where - is our 'Craig Levein' ?




    Our Craig Levein  is Iain McCall who has the experience to get us out of this.

    He made both Ayr and Partick far better teams but most of all it was him who signed Stephen Dobbie for us again. 

  14. 2 hours ago, HighlandQueen said:

    I agree. I find him intelligent, engaging and professional. 

    in his interview yesterday he did miss the point though. Why go to three at the back, start negatively, play out ponderously in triangles to marked men and then after being a goal down bring on 4 attackers. 

    it was a brutal watch and the fans are really really unhappy. 

    Let’s get on the front foot and attack teams from the off and entertain if nothing else. 

    He quite rightly talks about doing the simple things well. I’m just not sure that we have players capable of playing to his system. 

    Our season has been disastrous so far and so he has to change our results in the next few weeks or circumstances will overtake him. 

    it’s a five hour round trip for me to go to Palmerston and at the minute it’s a difficult choice to sacrifice my entire Saturday to watch that boring dross. I’ve paid my 450 quid sponsors money so don’t feel guilty but I just want to have a Saturday night that isn’t ruined for a change! 


    I really like Marvin as well he seemed at the time to be a good appointment but it is sadly not working the way everyone hoped.

    Think his problem is think to much about the game plan and who we are playing .

    We played well against Falkirk so don't change anything get the same 11 players together tell them you want exactly the same effort and performance .

    The defence did well against Falkirk so don't change anything but Marv decided to go 3 at the back have 2 right backs on the bench play a left back as a centre half have our right winger as a wing back then the left back who had a really good game last week as a wing back .

    Why change the goalkeeper as well Botterill must be wondering why the hell he was left out  

    Think Marv over thinks his game plan it is clearly not working .

    It is a massive decision to sack him it will cost us a fortune to get rid but we are  heading for  League 2 if no change is made .


  15. On 06/11/2023 at 22:04, queenslad said:

    Maybe I am in the minority but I thought we created more and better chances after Hutchison came on. Reilly was always coming short to get the ball but I felt Hutchison stretched the defence more, was better in the air and occupied the defender more with sometimes more than one closing him down. Did this create more space for others to play and find space abit Dykes like. All about opinions

    Hutchison job is to score goals a return of one goal is not good enough .

    He is a sub most weeks looks like Marv doesn't rate him either. Why he got a 2 year contract I have no idea .

    I take it you are joking comparing Dykes to him.

    Reilly is better in the air has more pace and most inportant of all has a goal threat .


  16. 45 minutes ago, Springfield said:

    Anyone thinking it’s done and dusted and a two horse race, I would disagree with. Yes both ourselves and Hamilton have set the pace, but expect Qs Montrose Cove to start picking up points. Saturday was a kindly reminder that points will be dropped and as earlier posted, we’re in a fantastic run of form, but a few draws and others picking up wins and the gap quickly shortens. If we are still in the same place going into Q4, I’ll be a very happy guy. 

    Falkirk will win the League Hamilton 2nd you are  miles in front of anyone else  hope you are right Queens start picking up points. 

    You really missed Morrison on the wing on Saturday he is always your best player anytime I see Falkirk play .



  17. 15 hours ago, SUPERSOUTH said:

    Spoke to Jack Brydon yesterday ligament damage out till Jan, at earliest. 👎

    That is bad news thought at Annan with the pain he was in that it would be a long term injury hopefully at some point Marvin will update us on his progress.

    We have really been unlucky with injuries this season to key players hopefully our luck will change soon. 


  18. Training should be high intensity like playing a game every day. 

    Players will get injured as they do at every club.

    It is just unlucky look at Harry Cochrane he picked up his dinner plate and somehow  hurt his back.

    On injuries every player was mentioned except Jack Brydon is his injury long term last I heard he was going for a scan to see if he had a broken ankle .


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