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  1. My one job I do still that will give me more time to update the match sign. On to the important stuff this will be a physical battle something we are not really set up for. We must not get bullied like the last time we played Annan. Good Brydon is back as he will have a key battle with Goss . Hopefully we can get on the ball and get our passing game going but we must move the ball quickly if not we are easy to defend against .
  2. You are being really harsh on McClelland . You want Marv. to tell him next time he scores a winning late goal to just calm down and not celebrate. For me I see nothing wrong with a player celebrating a winning goal with his own fans. Good win left it late but who cares. Think everyone can see we need I think I have mentioned it more height up front but hopefully Marvin can get that sorted.
  3. East no better than what we have so not for me. Good win at Edinburgh but surely now everyone can see what we need think I have mentioned it a few times. Really harsh on McCellend or any player to get booked for simply celebrating a goal with your own fans. Hope Brydon is ready for next week McKay will not cope with Tommy Goss.
  4. If we defend anything like we did against Alloa then we will get nothing . Hopefully Marv picks the right team and set up as he got it all wrong against Alloa. We might have Doherty and Bryson back for this both are back training.
  5. I have said many many times we need more height experience and aggression right through the centre of the team untill we get it we will struggle like we did against Alloa. I sound like a broken record repeating this but just look at the Alloa highlights Sammon won every ball in the air with ease as did the centre half's at both ends for Alloa . Over on the match thread it seems Marv has said 2 players are incoming this week please be 7 foot tall have experience be aggressive and can score goals is that asking too much .
  6. Can you see why I like height Alloa had it we didn't men v boys . We need more aggression and experience right through the team. Why did Marv drop Armbrose big mistake ? Why did we change from 3-5 -2 that worked so well last week ? Building from the back is great for a team like Manchester City but for us we just don't never will have the players that can do it under pressure . We are our own worse enemy playing crazy passing across our defence . I wish all I had to moan about was a sign that I could not care if it ever gets updated . Marvin has it all to do any more performances like against Alloa then things will have to change very quickly .
  7. Thanks for that I have not missed a home game for over 40 years sometimes I do post rubbish but all I want is to see is Queens winning games of football. On to that i hope we get off to a good start on Saturday I can see Alloa setting up like East Fife will be very difficult to break down we must move the ball quickly with not so much slow passing between the defence .
  8. Marv did say he had 2 loan options hopefully he can get them in this week . Both have to be forwards I have mentioned this before many times must be good in the air . In other news i just walked past Palmerston the sign has not been updated.. Apparently a third party changes the sign surely we should look at the cost of this as why bother with the sign i can't see it will get more fans in only Queens winning games of football will do that .
  9. Is Esma out injured he does not seem to have featured this season. Wonder if he would fancy a loan move to League 1.
  10. Football is not always played on the deck you need a forward who is good in the air and most inportant win headers in the box. We don't have a player like that. The East Fife game we had many corners but no goal threat with not enough height in the team.
  11. Paton always came across really well in interviews hope he goes on and has a good career. Our problem is how do we replace him . I think I have mentioned this but we definitely need another option up top Maybe time to look at our 2 loan options.
  12. We are back again hopefully we get off to a better start than last season. Had a decent Viaplay Cup now to step it up for the main event . Good to see Church and Gibson make the bench at Queens Park but we will still be without Wilson Doherty and Brydon .
  13. You use your heated seat ? I have that in my car . It will be very nice but just for 40 elite folk who are no better than anybody else . it does look like the Roman times watching gladiators. What a waste of that area of the ground could have a stand the length of the pitch imagine if we built a new stand at Paimerston for 40 the seagulls would love the heated seats.
  14. Good win great to see Church and Gibson on the bench as well . Did we set up 3-5-2 for me that is our best option having a extre player in midfield makes a big difference Now onto the League I still think we need more options up top need more height and aggression hopefully we can add a loan signing this week.
  15. How many of the 7 will availble for the Alloa game this is the worry only looking like the suspended 2 from tonight will be back
  16. Far to many passes from defence to midfield and back again. Even when we get a free kick we don't fire it into the box we again over pass the ball to create nothing We must have had 90 % of the ball but did nothing with it far to slow in everything we done . Plenty of poor corners. Reilly works hard but his pen sums his night up I just can't see him getting 10-15 goals for us Desperate for height and goals up front we must add quality before the big kick off. The Alloa game is going to be similar to tonight they like East Fife will sit in and hit us on the break. Paton hit 4 goals for Queens Park tonight how will we replace him very difficult .
  17. Mulgrew would be a good signing but he never drop down to League 1 plus we could get near even half the wages he is on . More likely we try and get Euan East or another young defender on loan . Efe Armbrose is still availble a good friend of Marv think he would give me nightmares playing out from the back.
  18. Is Lewis Currie not a centre back ?. He is young and inexperienced but he is all we have just now. .
  19. Good win up at Elgin. We are a work in progress for me we still need more height and aggression from back to front . Good Marv is waiting tlll we can get the right quality in not just sign anyone like Wullie did . I take it one of the young boys will have to play centre back on Tuesday night after the sending off.
  20. Played very well at times deserved at least a draw . If we get the injured players back quickly and wait and add real quality to the squad we have a chance this season. We really need height and aggression added to the squad . Surprised Finlay Kennedy decided to go on holiday when he had a great chance to get a run of games for us it is a pity as he looked good in pre season.
  21. It is more what is the injury ? Is he okay? When will he play for us ?. We just have had no information on him that is the problem.
  22. We could really do with a pre match update from Marv on injuries and how close we are to signing anyone . We miss Finlay for that although Sandra does a good job on match day . Think I last heard Wilson Doherty and Gibson are close to coming back. The main worry is Brydon he could be out for months depending how bad his hamstring injury is. Church nobody seems to have any idea about him he never gets a mention.
  23. Have you still Euan East on trial decent player but nowhere near the level of a Holt or Brownlie .
  24. Not sure if Reilly will get us goals in fact who will . Marv next few signing are crucial says he has a couple of loan options maybe time to use them. Might depend on how serious the Brydon injury is he may have to add another centre back. Have asked this does anyone have a idea when Church will play for us he is the one player who never gets a mention on saying that Kennedy has done very well as his replacement .
  25. What about our new signing Church can we expect to see him playing soon . On to trialists if Marv has any doubt about then don't sign them we have to get these last few signing right.
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