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  1. Signed a left and right back who like to get forward that for me still says we will set up 3-5-2. All about getting the right 3 at the back we are desperate for a experienced aggressive centre back .
  2. I can't understand the negativity either with Todd . He is as good as we have in midfield still has plenty to offer. On the new signing for now I have to trust M.B. he will have watched and studied every player before signing them .
  3. Hopefully you have a busy week ahead with extensions and new signing . Right now our squad is miles away from being complete but as I keep telling myself there is plenty of time .My only worry is we don't go down the AJ route of having loads of trialists that as has proved just does not work
  4. Your post is spot on decent squad player but one thing for sure we will need much better quality than Irving to get out of League 1. Paton Todd Connelly and East in that order to sign extensions well Skyline did say he was busy . Looking like Logan and Hendrie are both away that only leaves McGrory will be surprised if he is back .
  5. You will love Big Kev he is a top class goalkeeper who also is a real character to have around.
  6. Have we not asked to get our first few games away just in case the Pamly pitch is not ready .
  7. Remember if the few players we have pass a fitness test they get a bonus week off . Hopefully players M.B. wants to stay sign extensions next week then he can start to add to the squad . He is taking his time don't want to rush into it like Wullie did last season. We want quality not quantity.
  8. Prize money we received £185,170. The Cups we only got £9,500 for our early exit from the Scottish Cup yet made £77, 000 from the Viaplay Cup. We are only just behind Dunfermline who received £198 ,000 but Falkirk got more than double receiving over £400,000 after doing well in the Cups . Crucial to us is obviously getting back up the Championship . On League placing alone we received £98,000 yet the bottom club in the Championship got £209,000 .
  9. Innes Cameron has signed a new deal at Killie. If there was one player I thought would get released it was him let's just say his loan could have gone better with us .
  10. You really think down south with the crazy transfer fees that Dykes would not go for over £2 million I would think his value has at least doubled. Hopefully Queens have again a cut of the transfer fee . Away from that have heard the rumour of Paton to Livi big step up for him but with his brilliant attitude I am sure he would do well. Hopefully we will get a decent development fee for him wherever he goes .
  11. In the last year of his contract seems to have turned down a new deal so Q.P.R. really have to sell. Livi will get a cut of any fee do we still get something.
  12. Hope not maybe me being a bit negative not like me .
  13. In the pitch update it says the shock absorbers have been inspected but does not say replaced which surely should be done. No good a new pitch on old done shock absorbers . It is like laying a new carpet on poor underlay .
  14. Livi or any club will have to pay a development fee for Paton. Hopefully he stays with us to develop further then make the step-up
  15. Surely this week we will get news of any contract extensions . Maybe being a bit optimistic but we love to see Paton back he loves it at Queens and really rates and likes M.B. but as always it will come down to who can offer him the best contract that sadly will not be us . Todd Connelly East and Hendrie are the others I would like to see back from last season . The longer it goes on the less likely any will be back as all will be out of contract on Thursday
  16. That was the annoying thing all he did was push him booking all day long. Muirhead went down holding his face to try and get him sent off got to expect that from him a horrible footballer and man .
  17. Queens with the income we have should not really be full time we have huge six figures losses every season. We could really do with this investor to pump some money in .On that did someone down Annan way not win the lottery and give them money to build a new stand.
  18. Never been to Stirling for years always thought it was a plastic pitch lucky we have you to keep my right .
  19. Will not see a grass pitch next season in League 1 every club has a artificial pitch. With Cove changing we will still have the 4 full time teams Falkirk have to be favourites but hopefully we can challenge at the right end of the table.
  20. Goss was not ready to make the massive jump from Abbey Vale to Queens . Now he is physically stronger he will easily score over 10 goals next season and have many assists like Annan first goal on Friday . He is exactly the type of forward we should be looking to sign but would never come back to us when he can make more money working and playing part time. Away from that well done to Airdrie and Josh Rae who saved the pen to send them up to the Championship. League complete now Hamilton coming down still going to be very difficult. Cove now full time as well so hopefully MB can build a squad good enough to challenge at the right end of the League.
  21. Wullie Gibson biggest mistake as a manager was not playing. He has shown as a player at Annan that he still has it. Very bad injury to Rico hope he can recover from it . Lastly well done to Annan we have got a proper Derby back for next season.
  22. Over on Twitter Big Kev has confirmed that he will not be coming back to Queens . He was a top class goalkeeper he will go on and have a good career.
  23. Keeper very young but seems to be highly rated did he play for Airdrie at Palmerston this season . How many loans can we have this season ?
  24. That is what we need Raith pitch is excellent. I suppose it will all come down to the cost of shock pads etc
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