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  1. That was meant to be than not then No-one wants Brad McKay for 90 mins!!
  2. I think we've put too much expectation on him at the moment. Ola definitely has the talent but is missing the graft. McGlynn is probably being forced into using him whilst Nesbitt and Henderson aren't fully fit. He's better as an impact sub but I'd still start him against Peterhead then shuffle Yeats into midfield just now.
  3. Nail. On. Head. As highlighted yesterday, McCann is out-of-position so Lang is covering the LHS but Lawal and McGinn need to do much better here. Defending should start further forward but no-one could legislate for Lang's final pass.
  4. We're in possession at this passage of play and not defending but looking to attack. Not sure why he'd be in his own box in this situation Yeats has moved forward - probably as an outlet from the goal kick beforehand - so I don't think there's much wrong with his positioning. It's the LHS of the pitch where the issue arose as the OP described and Lang should have kicked it into touch and allowed us to reset.
  5. Spot on. I'd be interested to see the reaction from the KM7 if we played the whole match punting it forward .
  6. Don't forget to mention the distance between the CB's! Lang (out of shot) is miles away from Donaldson
  7. Thanks. I only ask out of curiosity.
  8. Does anyone know if there was a plan for the SLO or other club staff in an official capacity to be in section E over the trial to assess it?
  9. If it happened you'd think it would be fed back to the club via the channels they've made available and nipped-in-the-bud. I'd have thought It would've been discussed at the outset between U1876 and the club that certain songs, banners or behaviours that potentially brought the club into disrepute would be frowned upon. A lot of goodwill towards this initiative that can quickly be lost which would be a shame.
  10. Having watched the replay it looks like the ball spun back just as Ageyman was about to pull the trigger. I'll absolve him of dithering and upgrade it to "unlucky". Impressed with MacIver and think the plan is he will bring the others into play and be the focal point. Requires Ageyman and Morrison to capitalise more often on the flick-ons so really need them to not be as unlucky and clinical.
  11. In the games I've seen this season (CSS and DU in the flesh, PT and Spartans highlights) it's not the full-back areas that are being exposed - It's our two centre-backs who are taking too many risks! I'd rather Donaldson dribbled it forward than try the diagonal and conversely from what I've seen of Lang I'd prefer he opted to clear-into-touch instead of playing others into trouble. That's consecutive games he's thrown team-mates under the bus - Embarrassed Long last night and Spencer's unnecessary suspension when he looks like he'll be integral to how we want to play.
  12. Got this vibe from the post-match summaries with McGlynn and McCann. Appreciate there is a lot of positives they want to draw attention to but we've conceded in our last 12 games in all competitions - including the debacle of the playoff - and not counting friendlies which we lost poor goals in too. For staff to gloss over that and suggest it is small beer when it's clearly endemic of Falkirk sides is worrying. I'd want and expect by now a little more anger and determination to keep clean sheets than we've seen so far. For a team with ambitions we have giving the opposition a goal start in most cases with minimal changes to our back line is criminal.
  13. Woke this morning to realisation that Cudjoe for DU won the Viaplay MOTM award and Morrison got our sponsors nod last night. May as well give awards for nicest boots or freshest barbers trim as it's now a meaningless accolade. Morrison was OK - and obviously didn't complete the game - but TV giving it to Cudjoe who had one less assist than Lang for us!
  14. Prediction of how many goals we concede in our first few matches
  15. As I said, I can't see it happening either but I saw Annan in their last league game and they did try and break quickly with a couple of smaller players who were fast, ball carriers which I don't think will suit McGinn currently. Expecting a tighter affair than it should be for the opener.
  16. There was but wasn't overbearing where I was sat in the KM. Not sure "Local Hero" came off as well as intended. Just seemed to drift into the ether and didn't feel it built up any anticipation or excitement unfortunately.
  17. I'd seriously consider pairing Spencer with Nesbitt - if fit. That might introduce the energy and dynamism for a front three/four from Morrison, MacIver, Oliver and Ageyman to prosper. Unlikely to happen though.
  18. Tony Watt looked like he was pulling a caravan.
  19. I don't get the clamour for Allan I'm afraid. I don't think he's a poacher at all and doesn't look like he'll ever command a starting berth.
  20. Can't agree with Ageyman losing out. He was almost unplayable. There's no-one similar to replace him.
  21. Was an entertaining enough game but our continual loss of goals is now a major concern. It's almost guaranteed we'll concede at least one in a match and whilst we remain hit-or-miss (no pun intended) upfront, I think we can't take for granted we'll do any better than last season. Also agree with others that right now, this looks like a season too far for McGinn.
  22. He made one error - awarding Watt a free-kick when he clearly slipped. If anything it was handball to us as Watt grasped the ball on his way down.
  23. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I agree that some variety would be good and one of the choices might guide the style that has the best reaction. All a learning curve and hope the experiment goes well over the trial.
  24. For what it's worth, my choice would be The Hives - "Hate to Say I Told You So"
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