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  1. a great read. following in the footsteps of their big brother.
  2. folk who take the whole family for a food shop are nutters. nobody wants to get stuck behind you and your 5 screaming bairns when trying to get the shopping
  3. The Dark Knight. a timeless classic, Ledger, Oldman and Bale fantastic.
  4. 100% agree with this, hopefully the chance of a lot more game time sways him to Arbroath
  5. agree 4/9 of them would be in the strongest XI for me
  6. tbh it's just as quick to scoosh down the motorway from Perth to get to most places than travelling across is
  7. is that the price Tweedmouth are paying to use the ground?
  8. looks as if the board/club are taking the FSS money for granted. If monies withheld from the FSS could end up causing lasting damage to the club and they know people won't allow/want that to happen
  9. could be time to "Merge Tiny Tweedmouth clubs"
  10. really is a horrible position to be in, other clubs making signings and pre season preparation and BU's left searching again for a manager
  11. Congrats to Dunbar on clinching the title, well deserved over the course of the season. Think all 4 of the teams who have went up will bring a lot to the Premier Division. Hopefully all can kick on and stay away from the drop zone but think the league will be extremely tight top and bottom next season.
  12. what a turn around Scales has had under Robson, looks a completely different player from start of the season
  13. Sad to see Oban go, agree he will do well at Mussy, Max must have a few people on his list to bring in so no surprise to see players depart
  14. great signing imo, will improve the team straight away, Mussy surely eyeing the league this coming season
  15. nothing filtered it's way this side of the forth, would expect teams to start using social media to let people know who's contracts are up and leaving after this weekend. The teams in the West are on the ball with this
  16. will be a good signing to feed to strong forward line they already have. Seen him a few times for Cowden this season
  17. see Hill of Beath have appointed former Oakley and Camelon manager Stewart Kenny. Are there any clubs left still to appoint someone for the new season?
  18. Looks an interesting appointment looking at it, Would imagine they will be hoping to use their contacts to get a few experienced bodies in to help the young squad
  19. the tale of Shippys season, consistently inconsistent. Still long way to go but now have a shot at survival
  20. derby night in the kingdom tonight, shippy v kirkcaldy big at both ends
  21. think for EoS clubs even getting to the first round is a boost for their coffers so doubt they will go down a boycott route
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