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  1. Malaga will be perfect then. The alcazaba and castle are a really nice way to spend an afternoon and have stunning views of the city. Really accessible city with a great blend of things to do/places for chilling.
  2. Some lineup that is on centre today:- Alcaraz, the remainder of Murray/Tsitsipas, Swiatek, and then finally Wawrinka/Djokovic. Wonder if they'll get through it all or if we might see the last one carried over again. Not unimaginable the first three of those are reasonably quick I suppose.
  3. This x100. Every single one of them. First time I've watched a Scotland game in the pub in a long time. Whilst there were clearly genuine Scotland supporters, you could also tell there were old firm fans who were just waiting for any opportunity to have a go at the national team or Steve Clarke. Absolutely glorious scenes when those goals went in. This team and SSC deserve an enormous of credit. It's genuinely exciting to support the national team again and you could see in those celebrations what it means to the players too. It's the closest in a long time I can remember the national side having a "club" atmosphere and the turnaround in the last few years has been nothing short of incredible. Long may it continue. Buzzing for Tuesday night. Just bloody win Scotland!
  4. Pretty drab first half. The usual painfully biased commentary that we've come to expect too. The stuff about a "minority" and "one or two individuals" was embarrassing tbh. Hopefully a better second half. Mon the Fiorentina.
  5. Sinner hanging on here a bit in the fifth set. Three tiebreaks (so far) and over five hours played. Delighted to see Alcaraz v Shapovalov getting the nod for the evening match tomorrow. Could be great Friday night viewing.
  6. Aye, shocker that. First main draw appearance at Roland Garros for his opponent too. Djokovic and Alcaraz strolled through their ties yesterday.
  7. Went along to this one as a neutral today. Really entertaining match for a neutral, but not one I'd like to watch my own team go through. Thought Hamilton struggled up until they scored (which was a really good move on the break) and then kicked on after that. Passed up a great chance to bury the game at 2-0. Will need to see Airdrie's goal back, but thought Hamilton were wide open in the build-up and at a stage in the match where a bit more game management might have seen the job through. Thought Tumility (until he got booked and subsequently subbed) showed up well for Accies, as did Martin, who still seemed to be getting about everywhere in extra time. Frizzell and Telfer linked up well for Airdrie in the first half. McCabe put in a shift too. Be interesting to see how big a turnaround there now is for both squads.
  8. Nadal out in straight sets to Mackenzie McDonald, but by all accounts was playing through injury. Raducanu v Gauff up next on Rod Laver.
  9. Can't quite remember the last time I celebrated a Murray win as much as I did watching that this morning. Outstanding stuff. Huge scalp and more than deserves a win of that sort after all he's come through. As Berrettini came back into the match, it almost felt like there were shades of the tie against Tsitsipas at the US Open a couple of years back (minus the antics) where the younger pro ultimately went on to see out the match. Murray really had to dig deep in those last couple of sets as Berrettini held his serve. How many Murray classics have we been treated to over the years now?
  10. Made the last minute decision to nip along to Friday's ties. Really excellent value for £10 tickets. Caught the doubles of Canada v Switzerland and then USA v Czech. First set of Gauff's match in particular was a great watch. Wasn't a particularly big crowd, but hopefully more tickets sold for the semis/final over the weekend and some decent matches too.
  11. Smile (2022) - Cinema Definitely suckered into seeing this by the marketing (which I thought was really effective in fairness). The film itself felt very much like a combination of The Ring and It Follows. For me, it felt like being on the cusp of being a decent horror film, but ultimately a bit frustrating. There was a lot of potential in the backstory, and I think the film's biggest strength was when it explored that (to a fairly limited extent), but it felt like they skirted around it a bit too often in favour of throwing in some cheap scares instead. A decent enough watch in the cinema at this time of year, but not the most memorable. Elvis (2022) - Prime (rental) Watched over a weekend due to the runtime but really enjoyed this. Thought Butler was great. Shoutout for Billy from Stranger Things being in it also. Casino Royale (2006) - Prime Currently doing a rewatch of the Craig-era Bonds. Lost count of how many times I've seen this one now, but still tremendous viewing. Think I've always liked that this one feels significantly more gritty, and of course there's Mads Mikkelsen as an excellent villain. Quantum of Solace (2008) - Prime I really couldn't remember much about this one prior to rewatching and I hoped that wasn't because of the panning which it usually gets (though I did expect that to be the case). I went in with fairly low expectations, but it really is a forgettable watch. On a rewatch, I do wonder if they needlessly rushed production - released only two years after Casino Royale and a runtime which is a full forty-five minutes less than the rest (and an hour less than No Time to Die).
  12. Frustrating end to the match for Murray today. Tough couple of matches this week but competed well overall. Not sure how well those cramps bode for the upcoming slam and playing more sets but hopefully fine. Raducanu taking that first set 6-0 and inside twenty seven minutes. US Open just around the corner again...
  13. Absolutely tremendous final season and genuinely gutted that's the series over. Have really enjoyed the weekly release of episodes too and the buildup to each one being aired. Odenkirk excellent as usual but, as others have said, Seehorn really stole the show. Have never really re-watched tv series but very tempted to start over on BB now!
  14. Murray takes the first set. Huge hold facing two break points at 5-5. Just an absolute pleasure to still be watching these two though, and especially seeing them play against each other.
  15. Excellent viewing that. Can they play each other every Saturday night? Sinner v Alcaraz looking like the pick of the bunch from tomorrow's matches.
  16. Frustratingly clinical stuff by Isner last night. No complaints he deserved that. Thought at the end of third we might have been in for one of those nights, but the break in the fourth felt very ominous. Really classy post-match from Isner too to be fair to him. GBs Boulter on centre today against Pliskova. Kyrgios v Krajinovic over on Court 2 could be worth a watch, both men having played five sets in R1.
  17. Top Gun: Maverick. Loved it. Echo everything that's been getting said. Very glad I caught it in the cinema. 8.5/10 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Meh. I generally quite like the Marvel films, but I struggled with this. Don't mind Dr Strange as a character in the other films, but I haven't been able to take to those which are centred purely around his story. Bonus point for Jim Halpert showing up. 5/10 The Black Phone. Been looking forward to this for a while and really enjoyed it. Great performances from Ethan Hawke and the two main young actors. 7.5/10
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