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  1. Why are trying to play out from the keeper like we're Celtic? Only going to end in disaster.
  2. Managing the equivalent of their Colt side though that's in the league system. Fair play
  3. Another cold one. Pitch seemed in a decent state on Sunday despite the warmest it had been for about 48 hours was 1°c -2 now with the dizzy high temp of 1°c all day tomorrow too. Get those extra socks on lads and ladies As for the football not seen much of St. Mirren to pass much comment on them. Saints... Looking better but this is a game where more is required offensively than what they mustered in the last two games, there was fleeting attempts at football on Sunday buy It's tbc whether they can offer that consistency in games against the non "bigger budget" sides.
  4. Just glad despite losing there isn't a debate about poor officiating or VAR for once. Never want to lose but at least it was decided by the football and not the officials. From a neutral or Celtic point of view the Celtic goals were all well taken. From a Saints point of view the McGregor one maybe could have been headed anywhere but there but Browns never going to know he was there as the ball came at him quick off Mitov so he's just tried to get something on it. Not sure the reason for it but Saints either stopped or were unable to reproduce the positive things they did in the first half in possession on the counter. I think if we could have continued that then we would have had a much better chance of taking something than just holding on for 45 mins. Big week again for Saints.
  5. Was wondering about fitness. We've discussed it in here too. Too often recently 65ish mins ish in it's been fairly evident the likes of Max, Smith and Phillips start to look like they're struggling. While those are the individuals that it's easily observed I'm sure they're not the only ones as well.
  6. I presume they probably can't due to it being live on Sky. That certainly was one of the rules previously.
  7. Weirdly, I looked into astroturf heating yesterday and there's certainly some businesses saying they can install undersoil heating for artificial pitches. Didn't check it they were UK based or anything though but as a generalisation the technology at Least seems exist. Not saying that means "wElL lIvI sHoUld hAvE iT" not am I saying it was possible for them to have it, I just had just always assumed it wasn't a thing whatsoever but it seems it is I've ranted about this before but why do folk seem to believe they're genuine all weather? If snow or moisture of any kind is sitting in the turf, if that then freezes... It's freezing solid the turf also you might be able to melt sections but whole pitches where it's many minus in temp... No chance.
  8. Was wondering about that. Not overly clued up on the workings of it though. Assumed though it wouldn't be very good at melting something already frozen solid in -4 temps.
  9. Certainly looks like a big hint to that! Maybe a sequel to Vice City? Just thinking there as well, while jobs in the gaming industry aren't known to be the best paid or the most secure, it must be quite exciting (compared to most jobs) when the game starts to go to market or the marketing like this starts. It's probably already something some people have been working on for years already.
  10. You're definitely correct. The wee FCU group of Saints fans tried to encourage debate on the ticket price issue. They had a banner etc about pricing around a game at Celtic Park I think and pricing in general but it was met with mostly ridicule from opposing fan bases due to people preferring the mindless tribal nonsense above all else. There was some incredibly weird responses from mostly Old Firm fans tbh along the lines of "you should be willing to pay whatever it takes to support your team" - that is EXACTLY how you end up having the piss taken out of you prices wise and prices end up with the prices like the League Cup final having to push for concessions in certain areas of the ground etc You're also correct about the fan group aspect or lack of. Only talking about my own experience but different groups of fans within my club somewhat struggle to be on the same page, never mind across clubs
  11. https://twitter.com/thecourieruk/status/1729471727493623810?t=MJIJhHE1Z8-teE6JT4N4Kg&s=19
  12. While I've definitely questioned his wait line, today certainly isn't the game to judge him one his ability. As you've said already he appeared 19 mins if not less. We produced very little going forward whatsoever today. His joke is to stick it in the net. If we create the total of zero chances, he's not going to score very many. The likes of Kane and May produced a few first touches especially that deserve much more criticism than Jepchott does.
  13. That's also in part why the slow mo or freeze frames shouldn't be a thing. If it's a borderline decision already but the referee live thought no using a single freeze frame or slow mo as evidence is using the subjective information in a manner to influence the referee into "VAR officials are definitely correct" but theres not the same weight given to subjective information that suggests otherwise. For example how close the man is or how fast the ball was moving. Single still frame "it his his hand away from his body in an unnatural position". Pen to Rangers.
  14. Not if it doesn't make sense or there's incidents just missed from the list of errors. Liam Gordon one a prime example. Yellow by ref. Red after VAR. Reduced to yellow when appealled. If that's not an error they need to explain why it's not, not just pretend it didn't happen.
  15. Somehow it doesn't shock me one bit that they're not being transparent and are attempting to use the numbers as some kind of pro VAR propaganda. I'm sure there was massive pressure from the likes of FIFA and or UEFA to bring VAR in so it was always going to happen and won't be going anywhere either. If the SPFL refused to bring it in it would have just been made mandatory anyway. The worst bit for me is we kept being fed "It's just teething problems" when mistakes were made when it was introduced. It wasn't teething problems, it's just those in charge of it are not up to the standard and are far too influenced by the simple fact of having to go to the monitor. Once they go to the monitor they're given a slow mo or still frame that vindicates the VAR's decision so the ref goes with that. Now they can't use the excuse of teething problems we've got them telling us "no no those decisions weren't errors". Is the term for that not "gaslighting". While I want it gone, it won't happen. As it continues they could improve it but they're not. They're just bashing on as is telling us there's no issue with it. It's as poorly implemented as it was from day 1. Multiple instances of games I've been at recently where there's been 2 mins ISH stoppages for each goal that was scored. One game was still playing at near 5 o'clock. In my opinion it could be improved by stopping the slow mo still frames and watch it live speed and use the fact that the VAR can provide a different angle etc the referee didn't see it from. Instead we've just got every incident re-refereed by someone watching it via VAR looking for a reason to disallow a goal for something. If it requires a slow mo still frame there's probably a strong arguement for that not being a clear and obvious error. That's just re refereeing the game.
  16. I'm not arsed for Pyro at all but see the police and the football governing bodies in this country. I'm definitely not going to be doing it or encouraging it but I'm also not going to be the fun police for a wee smoke bomb. No one and I repeat no one went to a Scotland game and because they had fireworks decided to take a smoke bomb to a game club game because of it. NO ONE. They had a summit about the pyro... No fan representation so when they come out with their plan it will be completely ignored as fans will be spoken at not to. Was it the Aberdeen SLO a few weeks ago when they played Celtic that was tweeting that the police were going to keep individuals in the cells until the court date if they were caught with a smoke bomb... Held in custody for a fucking smoke bomb?! Aw come on Isn't that the definition of tin pot stuff?
  17. Is there a potential that he's carrying a knock? I wonder if they're at the stage with Kane and probably Clark as well due to injuries where they reduce the amount of day to day training they're involved with to allow them additional recover/rest otherwise I can see Kane breaking down with niggle after niggle. I imagine Considine won't be training every day either. You hear of similar stories of some guys prolonging their career by doing similar, some extreme examples are of guys not training at all and just rocking up on match days and starting.
  18. I think we're likely to see a shape similar to that on Saturday. With Clark out and it being away from home it'll likely be a lone central striker with the likes of Max or Sprangler coming in for him. Extra body in midfield with Carey off Kane.
  19. Why the f**k are the bottom tier tickets significantly cheaper?
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