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  1. May as a lone striker hasn't been working at all so the last thing we should do is stick to it. Especially after the comments from the manager about if you played both it means you have no strikers on the bench.... I'd rather have no strikers on the bench than having one on the pitch struggling!
  2. Don't disagree really. While I'm far from happy a lot of it comes from watching us constantly ship poor goals and not learning from it. The Rangers one being a prime example. Gordon can see the unmarked man and just ignores him until it's too late... goal. Stirling scored a very similar one. Individual issues. On another day if, but and maybe Carey's free kick goes in or Phillips scores his chance where he did very well to move it onto his left foot and create the space its different game on Saturday. They didn't though The performances against Dundee & County though for me raises the biggest alarm bells and I think I'd be more worried about those than I would be positive about the Celtic park result. It's all good and well playing alright against Rangers and Celtic but so far in the games where they were expected to be more involved in possession and show some attacking intent "take the game by the scruff of the neck" etc etc from the start they shat the bed and offered absolutely nothing. We can't just start playing when 2-0 down for example. County maybe you could say it wasnt the full squad it is now so reserve judgement on comparing it to Dundee. If Livi is the same as Dundee & County I think that'll show us where this is heading though.
  3. Thought I'd look into how it's been going for him out on loan. Not too bad! Taking into account he is only 17. 1 start (maybe 2. Transfermrkt doesn't have stats for the league game a few weeks ago). 3 goals based on the inccomplete stats. Scored the 4th goal in their 4-1 win in the Scottish Cup on Saturday after coming on against Hutchison Vale. They play East Kilbride in the next round. Really hope they smash that annoying wee p***ks side. Highlights there for those looking for an additional look. https://twitter.com/TranentFC/status/1706015214775275857?t=KAbloYREOt_U7uvioO1N4Q&s=19
  4. McGowan did well overall for Saints but any notion he goes into that midfield and makes it any better never mind much better is fairly questionable. The defense on the other hand? probably. Would he defend better than Brown? Probably. He's not going to be much worse than Brown going forward either. I could cope with him offering less going forward if it stopped us shipping goals from runners not being tracked at the back post.
  5. A team and players not doing very well doesn't necessarily mean there's been some kind of player revolt where he's lost the dressing room. Often the simplest answer is the correct one. They're just not good enough.
  6. Boshiri or however you spell it btw If he was a Saints player we'd need to listen to Hibs fans calling him a thug for the next 4 months.
  7. Shock. Saints lose a goal from a ball into the box. He had about a week to cross it in under zero pressure.
  8. Can't be any worse than before surely? Nearly every time there's been a 30+ min queue outside.
  9. What section was initially on sale for Hibs? The right half of the section still on sale? If so, many aren't fancying it
  10. The very same Old Firm diddies are claiming this time it was some kind of financial doping and why aren't we being relegated to the third tier... despite it not being in any way similar to the EBT tax evasion going bust thing... It's.just another example of the internet providing the platform to put their opinions out there and despite them having no real understanding of the situation having a few followers on Twitter gives then gives that empty opinion credence.
  11. Really struggling to understand the decision making in regards to the spending. Its not as if they just overspent by a few 100k in the hope that they could finish a few places further up the league and then make the spent money back in prize money. They've just way overspent without any chance of making any of it back because none of the signings had any sell on value.
  12. Is this another Twitter account belonging to a fully developed human adult? Football makes people behave in some fairly unstable ways. If it's "banter", it's absolutely horrendous banter. A punch in the face from Tyson would be funnier.
  13. Can't read the article in the Courier today about "Fans attached after leaving St Johnstone v Dundee game". I do know though a few of the FCU were arrested on Saturday and are awaiting a day in court after whatever happened. Didn't witness any of it myself so can't possibly comment on what actually happened.
  14. That was my overriding thoughts on it. Someone's in a huff that the existing legislation about drinking on buses isn't being followed so this is an attempt to add more legislation in place to apply pressure to bus companies for not enforcing the existing rules. "look what will happen". The offensive behaviour at the football act or whatever it was named while a different situation this is another example of adding more legislation for legislation sake to try and make up for the fake existing legislation and laws weren't being followed. It's all wholly unnecessary and isn't fixing a problem. It would potentially lead to the end of supports buses for provincial clubs unless it's a "big game". It's already getting harder and harder to run buses due to the cost especially for the games where the bus may run with plenty spaces on it. If you start adding ridiculous hoops to jump through the price is increased due to the administration hassle for the bus company. It becomes more hassle than it's worth as well for the person who usually books and organises them. Supporters also don't want to sit outside the stadium on a bus an hour before kick off in February. A nonsense.
  15. Playing St Mirren in a behind closed doors game today. How long till we play Motherwell and we're on the end of Theo "Closed door goal machine" Bair?
  16. This absolutely reeks of new legislation to try and resolve the fact they're upset the existing legislation around alcohol being banned on buses isn't followed/enforced. Not really sure there's a problem that needs resolved here? just don't get it. Not sure these people have a clue how supporters buses work, like others have mentioned especially for the smaller clubs. If you legislate and make things even more difficult the buses just won't exist anymore. If there's so many rules that it makes it even more hard work and more difficult they just won't bother running them. Same with the punters. If it becomes heavily influenced by rule after rule it just ruins it so people won't bother using them. The public transport alternative isn't good enough either.
  17. The problem is exacerbated on the left with Carey drifting and going narrow at times. I get what he's trying to do and wasn't doing it all the time but all that does is leaves Robinson isolated wide. He then knows he doesn't have the ability/pace to beat the man so just looks to retain possession. Especially when in possession 40+ yards from goal. That just results in a safe pass to Considine and slowing everything down. What we really need (IMO) is Carey staying wide and attempting to be the main threat as while he hasn't shown it enough he is the one more likely to be able to create something with beating a man etc than Gallagher or Robertson. The full back should just offer support or overlapping at the right time if a full back can be isolated.
  18. You'll need to explain what that "something" that isn't there is as I've absolutely no idea what you're referring to.
  19. Dundee fans going on about the banner that they DEFINITELY haven't been totally triggered by. "Actually that's factually incorrect " stfu Is that just to distract you from having to talk about the important details? Like the fact your team are bunch of bottle job shitebags?
  20. As he said "she's back". She had quite a lot to say about us Saints fans previously and how were inconsiderate scumbags etc. She was told where to go by many though.
  21. She just needs to wear ear protectors and be done with it. The whole stadium can't bend to her every demand. Someone close to her needs to just have a word and tell her simply because you have issues with something doesn't mean you're entitled to just get what you want. She clearly has issues she's battling with that I obviously don't fully understand but as you say the expectation that everyone simply has to be as quiet as possible to keep her happy is a non starter. Already making her any promises is one too many as thats just the start of her demands. She'll never be happy.
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