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  1. Great to hear but damning of the recruitment that we are still reliant on him as our only creative outlet.
  2. Huge mistakes made and still stayed up. Crazy season. Same mistakes cannot be made this summer or we will be favourites to go down.
  3. Dick thinking he is being undermined by the support, sent him out to prove wrong, does the opposite, so punished by being benched again. Dick management 101. Just as long as we don't make up a song for Shanks itll be ok.....
  4. Could easily play a front 3 of Linn Shanks and McKenna with Allan just behind. The extra man in the middle doesn't contribute when the possession tactic is long ball.
  5. Low won't be back. Also not too sure if the club can afford to be relegated this season. If we are still well within a relegation battle at the start of January I can see the board making moves.
  6. The expectation is alot higher and the board are clearly building towards that. The issue they now have is the man in charge isn't capable of taking them to that next step. The hybrid full time setup is creating divides in the squad and I'm pretty certain the new recruitment team is purely a board level hire and won't have much to do with the current manager.
  7. Strikerless, gutless, hopeless. Playing 442 diamond with no strikers has to be some sort of running joke with these players. Dick will relegate us.
  8. Diamond wi no strikers turning up triumphs again for Dick......
  9. Are they scouting and picking out signings for the club regardless who the manager is or are they working directly for Dick. Pretty common for player recruitment to be seperate from the current manager.
  10. Glad the directors done something about player recruitment. Interesting thing now will be who they are actually working for, the club or Dick....
  11. Nope. Nothing against Hammy ability but don't think he has the engine to get up and down the park at this level anymore. Constantly get found out on counters on that side which ToB goes over to cover then we have a huge gaps in the middle. Hancock can get up and down like Oakley on the opposite side. Tough choices need to be made.
  12. Gaston Oakley Little ToB Hancock Tait Allan Hilson McKenna Linn Shanks Big game. Need a win.
  13. How long has Dick got to sort it out? January? Can't afford to drop to League 1.
  14. Diamond would work with 2 strikers. Doesn't work by playing no strikers.
  15. Actually liked having Stewart in the backline doing the "ToB" job of coming forward and breaking through the midfield lines. Oakley does an immense amount of running. A bit better on his final balls and he will do a good job. Same goes for Hancock. Allan is screaming out for quick wingers for him to ping balls out to. Seen his frustration many times when an opportunity to release them wasn't done because our wingers have zero pace. Still have little to no idea what Fosu is meant to be. Big guy, can't header, no pace, little vision, no finishing. Him going back and covering Oakley most of the game said it all. If there is no striker coming in then it's going to be a big struggle.
  16. Highly likely the loan will be extended until the end of the season. He ain't coming back up here again.
  17. 2 weeks is the max. He ain't getting fined. Shouldn't have been sent off.
  18. Obviously close up until the sending off hence the ref ruined it. Did I seriously have to explain that to you simpleton?
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