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  1. Falkirk Vs. Accies thread has started early it seems
  2. I never said you did, obviously people will be biased to their own team
  3. Hard to say at this point who's defense is better, only played 6 games and conceded 3 each. However we've played QotS who were second top goalscorers in Scotland at the time of playing. I'm going to put on my navy blue tinted goggles and say only Tumilty gets in our defence from your squad.
  4. No one said he was going to sign for a lower club, just that that's where he expected him to go...
  5. Seems its gotten to the point where people are just trying to prove who knows more about FSS
  6. Was meaning in terms of things looking up from where we were over the last few seasons. It is still awful being in L1
  7. Oliver so much better in midfield. Coll getting better game by game. Nesbitt playing well. Whole team clicking, round of 16, top of the league. Great time to be a Bairn
  8. How wrong I was. Thought it was Ayr who switched sides as we always shoot into our fans second half?
  9. Will likely have a few 16/17 year olds playing so thats why I wouldnt be surprised
  10. We'll be playing a massively weakened team due to our thin squad trying to prevent injuries, wouldnt be surprised to see Ayr turn us over rather easily
  11. Much like us, Tom Lang or MacIver injury away from being done
  12. Just signed Layton Bisland on Loan from DUFC, How was he last season, heard bad things about his spells at Brechin and Cowdenbeath, but heard nothing about his peterhead spell
  13. He made a few mistakes on Tuesday against Stirlings LW fell a couple of times and got bullied off the ball. Didnt lead to anything but I still think its our weakest position even though he's started well
  14. Did he score against us at all last Season?
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