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  1. Will Caley have a new manager in place by Saturday?
  2. 5 wins on the spin for our resurgent Lichties, including a challenge cup victory over the highland side. I don’t expect Caley to be as poor as they were that day. Only change id make from Saturdays win would be Ricky returning for Norey with Steele going back to RB.
  3. 62 yard field goal from Matt Prater! ooft
  4. The Bears are an absolute shit show
  5. Looks a nasty one for Justin Jefferson
  6. What the f**k are the Chargers doing?
  7. Saints miss a late FG and the Packers win it
  8. 70 points for the Dolphins! The Broncos should fire everyone
  9. I hate every patriots team
  10. Or not. I read the clock wrong
  11. And the Chargers have won it!!!!
  12. Looks like an ACL for Williams
  13. Texans off to a cracking start in Jacksonville
  14. That was far to easy for Miami
  15. He won’t get man of the match and probably won’t get much of a mention but Jess Norey did not look out of place at RB yesterday. Hasn’t really kicked a ball for us this season, but looked fully up to speed. Really happy to see that
  16. Are the Thistle highlights behind a paywall?? Would love to see our 3rd again.
  17. Pretty easy that. Steele, Hylton, Stewart and TOB immense. Big shout out for Norey who didn’t look out of place at RB
  18. Ah well. There are a few positives to take away from tonight. Plenty time now ti get boys healthy before playing the Seahawks on Monday night next week
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