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  1. It wasn't the corner flag, it was a supporter who mistakenly poked the ref in the eye when he ran on the pitch to celebrate the 50yd wonder goal. I'll not name him on here but he rhymes with Vario Dalente.
  2. It's where we are. To read some comments you'd think that the club isn't actively trying to bring improvements in. As said above, folk are only getting jumpy because it's the Pars first. If it wasn't the case, folk would be content with having the additional three weeks to bring in the right player/s. We're not at full strength but can still put out a decent side.
  3. The absolute cheek of Murray not just bringing in any old shite at CB and waiting for the right player instead! Raging.
  4. If the Pars are ever going to learn from our mistakes, not signing Goncalves would be a decent start.
  5. It's not ideal but I'd far rather we didn't panic buy a CB with the start of the cup in mind. Management know what we need, it's just a matter of the right player being available. As long as we have one by the start of the league campaign or thereabouts.
  6. Very harsh on Liam Dick who is more than capable at both CH and LB. Considine would be an excellent signing if true.
  7. I like what the new owners are doing but don't think I can back a name change to Rith Rovers.
  8. "Did you see that Salvo Mantalbano on P&B saying that this kit was worse than the Pars'?"
  9. I'll wait patiently for the large amount of folk who don't like it just now saying that it's grown on them...
  10. I really like it. First Rovers top I've bought since the '09 half and half.
  11. Doesn't the Pars undersoil heating work dependant on how many key players they have injured? The groundsman so worried about the injured players that he "forgets" to turn it on.
  12. Jake went through school with my son. Sound boy and I remember my boy raving about how good a player he is. Hope he does well.
  13. Surprised to see that good business acumen is still regarded as a joke by Pars supporters.
  14. If we do good business with the two experienced CBs we need I think we're in for a really good season. We're well set with our DMs, have an abundance of dangerous forward players and will have quality coming off the bench this season.
  15. One of the things I'm most proud of is being part of a small group of supporters who converted an area of Stark's Park into a bar that still makes the club a good bit of money (Around 10x the amount we raised in our old location) and is now well used by the community.
  16. Looks like the team kits Sports Direct used to punt. Love it. Good luck to the 'keeper's elbows diving about the astro with those short sleeves.
  17. I'd have had Bene instead of Ryan Nolan last season. Far superior defender.
  18. Even if you are in good nick still go a size above what you would normally for replica tops, though I find the training tops are consistent with the usual size.
  19. I can't see Spencer leaving an established Championship side to drop down a league. Stranger things have happened I suppose but I think he'll have loftier ambitions than League 1.
  20. Can we make sure that folk know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' at sign up too?
  21. Not very nice. Especially when I said that I'd be happy for you all if you were as well run and were buying as good players as we have. I even wished you good luck with getting out of Scottish football's 3rd tier. Don't know why you're raging.
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