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  1. C - Trying to have a bit of harmless banter with other supporters is also a viable option.
  2. That's good! The money laundering accusations, crowd wanking and talk of our commercial operations by a Falkirk fan above must have thrown me. Good luck in your quest to escape League 1 next season.
  3. If only your fellow FFC supporters could be so reasonable instead of turning into green eyed monsters at the thought of us doing better.
  4. Why can't Falkirk fans just be happy for us? I'd be happy for them if they were making really good signings, had Falkirk diehard multi-millionaires on the board, were modernising their old stadium and were putting a realistic plan in place to push their football club forward. Especially if I knew that their club was literally 6 minutes from oblivion not so long ago.
  5. The majority of our support have seen a lot more bad than good so I think we deserve a well run club as it is. Ultimately, results on the pitch will dictate whether that support grows or not. Easy to be confident of that happening right now to be fair.
  6. Our chairman and vice chairman aren't short of a few bob either. If all goes well, it should be the safest the Rovers have been for decades, if not all time.
  7. Anyone else watch Tom drawing the lotto at full blast initially so you can hear him and then deafen yourself when he spins the balls only to turn the volume right down again and then squint at what numbers have came out?
  8. At the severe risk of sounding like the chairman of the Davie Hancock fanclub, he's easily one of the soundest folk involved at the Rovers. Just a straight down the middle good guy. Andy Barrowman's enthusiasm for what is to come is infectious as well. Good times.
  9. Hi. Can any of the Rovers historians tell me who played no.14 in this kit please? This was the kit before my first one, the Mercat Shopping Centre one.
  10. Simplified, he's trying to better himself. We're a stepping stone. Always will be.
  11. Agreed. I really like RT but thought Millen looked the better defender after an atrocious start. Tumilty would be a very nice back-up to have though.
  12. Just myself that thinks the 'twa hoops' tops are boring? I'd also like it if the club went a bit different with the away top.
  13. I didn't take offence initially, more that I didn't think it appropriate. I reacted before considering it to be honest. I'll put that down to 04:30am alarms making me grumpier than normal. Love it or hate it, Ruaridh has put great attention on the club which can only act as a bargaining chip when trying to bring new advertisers on board.
  14. See to be honest, I'm warming to the cheeky approach and probably wet my knickers a wee bit about it earlier on. Like I touched on above, I doubt the player will be bothered about it so no harm done.
  15. Dick seems to take lowbrow digs at his surname pretty well going by how he reacted at Parkhead last season tbf. I'm happy with him signing an extension too. Fairly solid, if unspectacular player.
  16. Yes, a throwback to an episode in a shit part of our club's history on a platform that the named player will never use is on a par with crassly announcing the extension of a current player through the club's official site.
  17. I don't think I'd appreciate my family's name being used so cheaply for additional exposure if I was the player in question tbh. My gut feeling is that it's a bit crass and unprofessional.
  18. Can you get your source to tell us that we won't win the league next season and we won't sign a 30 goal per season striker?
  19. Exciting times! Really looking forward to hearing their plans.
  20. Millen was murder at the beginning of the season but has actually turned into one of our most consistent players this season. More than happy to have him. First thing I thought. Season is done. Break time.
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