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  1. I know it's Dundee and they'd boo getting six numbers on the lottery but why are they booing Connolly?
  2. First touch is nonexistent, weak, doesn't win headers and loses the ball almost instantly on the rare occasions he manages to control it. Apart from that he's alright.
  3. I'm not sure what the rental agreement is but if it isn't too binding, the club would be well within their rights to ground share elsewhere. I'm sure John Sim would want to maximise the potential on his asset so I don't think there would be any difficulties there. I could also be way off the mark. Who knows?
  4. Weighing things up, I'm all for it. We should be safe from the relegation fight with 10 games to go so I hope we push the boat out a wee bit further with regards to turning draws into wins.
  5. The Beehive? I was at a show there with the same format. The compere came on wearing a sailor's hat and I knew right away that it was going to be a cringe-fest. I wasn't wrong. Three student types each came on to do ten minutes each and I genuinely think I could have picked three random folk out of the audience who would have been funnier. I didn't even sympathy laugh as they wouldn't have learned.
  6. Going to look for trouble is cringe worthy I agree, but personally I've no problem with the flare being set off. Let's face it; Stark's would be one of the shittest atmospheres going without the young supporters bouncing about.
  7. It's a strange one, eh. You hear of players who are great in training but can't replicate that on match days but it was noted that Murray wanted more from him at training. Epitome of a panic buy.
  8. Fredericksen pros: International cap Cult figure Tall Fredericksen cons: First touch of a rollerblading giraffe Got lower when he jumped Couldn't finish his dinner. Anyone with even limited football experience could tell he was nowhere good enough.
  9. Fredericksen's height is the only asset he has going by what I've seen of him. I have to question if any of the folk choking for him to get significant game time have a clue as he's been terrible so far.
  10. 17 years I've been a member of P&B. It's testament to the site that I tagged "of P&B" on the end of that sentence.
  11. People talking about big John bullying people is perplexing. In the limited game time he's had so far he hasn't looked like he had a fight in him.
  12. If we are signing Connell it has to be until the end of the season in the hope that he plays out of his skin to prove he's worthy of an extension. He's showed that he's capable in very brief spells but we need him to be far more consistent. Personally, I hope we take a chance on another forward.
  13. What's with the cringey "Thank you" carry on? Is there a back story to it or is it just some simpleton trying to have a trademark expression on the internet?
  14. Yaw Osei scoring Dundee's equaliser tonight. I thought he'd fallen out of the game.
  15. Watched that with a permanent smile on my face today and laughed like hell (nervously) when Frederiksen's first touch narrowly cleared our bar. Great hit from Gullan, more power than placement but some goal nonetheless. Stanton just brilliant. Millen looked like the RB we need today with some timely interventions and a couple of excellent crosses. Interested to see what happened with Megginson.
  16. Big John scores on his debut. Helicopter celebration. Straight red card, jailed and registered.
  17. They were saying that Ayr never looked like they were out of it when 2-0 down and that proved to be the case. Anyway, great win. Be nice to get this touted striker in and build some momentum on the back of this.
  18. Braw bit character shown after being pegged back. 'Mon the Rovers!
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