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  1. Depends how much more is offered I suppose. If it's £500 a week, it's a no brainer, £50 not so much. That's when their previous relationships with managers etc would come in to it more.
  2. The only part of that that I can't get my head around is the 'good friend' bit!
  3. Don't see where you're getting that from what I said. Like everyone else I was sickened by our display against Airdrie and I may well have sacked him on the spot that night. Thinking about it though, the fact that we didn't have the money to do it and ultimately it would have meant yet another new manager coming in, having to bring in his own squad etc etc, I would have given him his last season. Hopefully, what we've seen so far this term continues (and maybe even gets better) thus proving that keeping him was the correct decision. Time will tell.
  4. I may be wrong of course, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's the highest number of consecutive games that he's played!
  5. Aye, that crossed my mind as soon as I posted!
  6. Agree. I also think that it's important that the fans don't react 'over the top' badly when we have our first defeat or play badly. I remember the rumblings in the stand approaching half time in the Peterhead game. If MacIver hadn't scored the boos would have been ringing and the player's heads would have been down. Who knows what affect that might have had? We all need to keep a sense of perspective, keep our feet on the ground and continue to support from the stands when things go wrong! I'm sure none of us (probably) don't want one poor result or performance turn in to two.
  7. Doesn't surprise me that you've taken completely the wrong message from what I was saying!
  8. Williamson would be a very decent wing-back if he could stay injury free. He's a bit of a bombscare at full back though because his defending isn't the best. For a tall guy he's not good in the air and quite easily brushed off the ball. His postioning was always quite poor when defending as well. I think he often suffered from poor confidence and I reckon that the expectation levels at Partick, Dunfermline and ourselves affected him. His injury record is horrendous and I often wonder if some of his injury woes were more in mind than body? I notice that he's played almost every game for Montrose though so, hopefully, his injury problems are behind him and he can now kick on. A wee OG on Saturday wouldn't be unappreciated though!
  9. Depends how you look at it I suppose. There didn't seem to be contact at the penalty, however, it was never a dive (Callum Morrison would never, ever give up the chance to shoot) so it was a strange one really. Yes, the keeper made a blunder too but must have made 5 or 6 fantastic saves that could easily have given us more. Also, your goal, belter that it was, came from a mistake from our defence. I thought Kelty were quite neat and tidy but you carry very little threat up front and your defence was exposed on numerous occasions. It felt like we were going to score every time we went forward.
  10. If possible, I would start the same team. This would give Ross some more game time, which I think he needs as he hasn't been too impressive so far, although I thought he was better on Saturday than the week before and would allow Agyeman to come off the bench second half to cause the kind of havoc that he did on Saturday. Would also mean he's being allowed to ease himself back in with less chance of aggrivating his injury. Kelty had no idea how to cope with him and I think Montrose would get a similar shock.
  11. There were a good number of posters on here that couldn't seem to accept the possibility that, as we are where we are because we were pish, there would be a fair chance that we wouldn't get back up again too quickly. That shouldn't have been impossible of course, ref Dunfermline, but it was always possible. McGlynn has obviosuly stabalised things and we are now seeing improvement. Strange how some of the 'this is only L1 FFS, we are Fawkurk, wae a big budget' types don't seem to be as vocal when things are looking better!
  12. Well, if that's true and, unless there's some monetary value in moving it, your new owner obviously doesn't have the fans best interests at heart.
  13. I remember him coming in as a midfielder then being played out of position. I'm having trouble remembering what I had or breakfast this morning though (it was cornflakes) so I may well have it wrong. One of the worst displays I've ever seen in a Falkirk jersey and my memory tells me that folk were complaining that he was played out of position that day.
  14. Joe Chalmers is a midfielder, just that Holt thought it would be a good idea to play him at LB!
  15. I've never noticed anyone saying that either. Maybe I've missed it though?
  16. Very good performance yesterday, looked very dangerous throughout. I thought McCann and Nesbitt were excellent, Nesbitt's goal was a cracker and he didn't stop running all day. I don't agree with folk who say that he hides or goes missing in games. He can lose form and make mistakes but I think those are magnified simply because he doesn't hide! When everyone's fit and available he'll struggle to get a start but he’s a good squad option to have.
  17. I agree. I feel that McCann is far better, certainly going forward and he's probably a better defender as well (despite his height), but we need a squad and, as you say, he's a good option to have if McCann is unavailable. I do fear though that McGlynn will free McCann and keep Mackie next season when he should be keeping both.
  18. You were doing OK there until your last sentence. Are you as bitter after every defeat or is it just versus Falkirk?
  19. Maybe, but not generally to the extent that I noticed on Saturday I don't think.
  20. Forgot to say that one thing I noticed about Reilly was him fouling the CBs just before they contested a high ball. Just a subtle wee dunt to put the defender off. Don't know if it's a Reilly or Bartley thing?
  21. It would appear that some Queen's fans have been eating from the same vine as their manager.
  22. I'm sure McGinn will still have a big part to play if he can shake off the injury.
  23. As far as the game goes: I thought we were the better team without hitting the heights of the past few games. Hopefully showing that we can win without being at our best. I felt that Long and the defence were excellent. Yeats made a few mistakes but full back isn't his natural position and he's getting better at it. Spencer was great in the middle but I thought Henderson had a poor game overall. Morrison was our biggest threat but he constantly over hit his crosses. Nesbitt was average at best, Ross was poor, but just back from injury so should be given some leeway. MacIver was a bit isolated and I felt that McGlynn made a mistake in taking him off for Allan. It should have been Allan for Nesbitt with two up front at that point IMO. He seems to be determined not to play two strikers at any point! Good day though, just a pity that Hamilton scored that late goal.
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