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  1. How much do Kelty charge as a matter of interest?
  2. Exactly, something you've said on numerous occasions! We all know the situation, we need to grow FSS numbers and attract the right kind of investment or, yes, we will see changes. You don't have to constantly remind us of this. You say we have no plan B. What would you suggest the plan B should be?
  3. I don't entirely disagree, however, there's every point in taking time to try to continually increase numbers. Alternatives will be being considered, but it's got to be the right alternative.
  4. You continually regurgitate the same stuff though. It always comes over to me like you're criticising the FSS and BOD when discussing finances, although I'm sure you don't mean it that way? I really don't think there's anything obvious that they could be doing to improve the situation, other than consider any external money that may be offered. Not every external investment would put the club at risk, but it's crucially important that we don't take someone like Mark Campbell on, and yes, I'd trust the BOD to ensure that anyone that comes forward would be the right fit.
  5. We all know that we need more members though. What do you think they should have done differently? Would you be happy with an outside investor coming in that could put the club in danger?
  6. Herald says the stadium's closed until further notice. Hopefully that's tomorrow!
  7. How can they have a surface that doesn't fit with the recommendations of the folk who made it?
  8. No idea how much covers cost, although they won't be cheap no doubt, but, if it's the case that we can't clear snow because of the guarantee, it would certainly have made sense to buy some. Maybe something that we could consider for FSS money? Having said all of that though, it may have been seen as a poor investment if we wouldn't need them after one winter?
  9. Aye, that's all very well, but Hartley's18/19 army wanted to go!
  10. How do you know we haven't tried to clear it? Many of the games on plastic that have been postponed involve lengthy journeys and I would imagine that's what influenced the decision.
  11. Have they cleared the pitch at Ochilview? There was a game planned there at 10am which was called off.
  12. I'm really not having a go at Queens here lads, but were you not a bit fortunate against DU? The stats were amazing, surely on another day a few of those efforts go in?
  13. Dundee Utd game was the same. Must have something to do with TV scheduling?
  14. Aye, and if you beat Annan and we lose to Montrose, you'll be above us and everything in the garden will be rosy again! Accies fans do seem to overreact in both directions. Having said that, wait to you see the state of some Falkirk posters when we lose for the fist time!
  15. None of them, except Mackie, offer any muscle in a defensive midfield role and none of us really know if Mackie would be any good in midfield. It's a worry for sure!
  16. It would have to be because we have no other alternatives.
  17. Haud on, did DU really have 35 efforts with 18 on target and 19 corners? Yet they only managed to score twice?
  18. I thought he was the best man on the park TBH.
  19. If you could do that the other way round, that would be just great. Thanks.
  20. Yea, my tongue was so far into my cheek it was almost coming out of my ear!
  21. I think the solution is to accept a 500k offer in January then have him loaned back to us for the rest of the season!
  22. Just watched the whole game on Alba this morning. I thought the whole team were brilliant (Long's aberration apart), however, I sincerely hope that Tom Lang is going to keep his f**k-ups exclusively to games v Dundee Utd this season! Donaldson dug him out of a hole with a brilliant tackle, which made me wonder what the reaction would have been if the boot was on the other foot? Morrison seems to consistently get the MOTM award when he doesn't really deserve it but he certainly did on Friday and I think that Finn Yeats could be this season's Will Vaulks, because he has a similar attitude and will to win!
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