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  1. Cantlay accessing the emotion.exe there
  2. Been out most of the afternoon, how did Bob play?
  3. The yanks seem to have come out with a rocket up their arse this afternoon
  4. Cantlay took a bit of anger out on that drive there.
  5. I'd like Henni to follow me round the golf course telling me how worthless I am and how pathetic my game is. Wait. Did I say that out loud?
  6. Inject this directly into my soul
  7. Weird subdued celebrations there. Almost like folk can't actually believe that they e won that by so much
  8. Koepka and Scheffler are making me feel good about my own game here.
  9. I don't think I can remember two of the Americans best getting such a bodying in a RC match before.
  10. Has Rory actually played well at all over the two days?
  11. I actually feel sorry for Thomas. He's doing his bit, but his partner is cutting him off at the knees.
  12. I'm so, so sorry. Won't happen again.
  13. Speith and Thomas are literally on the #vergeoftears
  14. Johnson saying that the "medical issue" that his team are struggling with isn't an excuse, whilst at the same time making excuses for his team getting horsed.
  15. I think some of the big names in the European team need to put their arm round Bob and try and make sure he knows that he resets and goes again tomorrow. Whether he played well or not, he's not lost his match today.
  16. Just got a cheque through the door from the Rangers Lotto for £436
  17. I think I love Viktor Hovland.
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