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  1. 1 hour ago, Hedgecutter said:

    Bloody cookies and search history, making P&B now advertise anal/clit-combo vibrators and futuristic cock rings:


    eta: weird for you seeing P&B in another club's theme, isn't it.

    This is actually the reason that I pay for Platinum.  I don't want to see the utter filth that my cookies and search history would throw up in advertising for me...

  2. On 30/03/2023 at 12:03, KnightswoodBear said:

    After finishing the TV show, I'm now on my 4th attempt at playing this.  I'm further in than I've ever managed before and am finally "getting" it.

    It just never clicked (wayhey!) with me before.  

    Agree that it's very impressive how they have captured some of the game within the TV show.

    I'm still on my (very slow) playthrough of Part I, but enjoying it very much.  Had a weird thing happen at the end of the sewers bit when you have Henry and Sam with you.  Ellie and Sam have climbed through a wee window to open the door from outside and you and Henry have to hold off a load of infected and clickers.  I was having an absolute mare trying to do it and would continually get caught by one of the clickers just as Ellie would say that they had managed to open the door.

    On the last attempt, I was right up against a wall, and sort of clipped into it for a brief second and all the enemies just disappeared leaving me and Henry standing in an empty room.  Just stood there until Ellie and Sam opened the door and the game carried on.

  3. On 12/09/2023 at 10:01, Venti said:

    Has anyone went back to BOTW & realised how OP the Lynels are compared to TOTK?

    Tried one with full barbarian armour & got humped.

    I've killed more than a few of them in TOTK, but killed a grand total of 2 in BOTW and they were the ones in the gatehouse at the castle that it kind of railroaded you into doing.

  4. 1 hour ago, Bairnardo said:

    One of the most surreal experiences of my life, walking up to a urinal at T in the Park whilst refreshed and medicated, and a lassie standing next to me doing a slash/having a wee chat

    I mind similar happening at a gig on Glasgow Green (Stone Roses, possibly). The queue for the lassies toilets was gigantic, but the guys was just a large outdoor urinal paddock type thing. There was more women in there pishing than there was men. Everyone just got on with it. 

  5. On 09/07/2023 at 23:40, mozam76 said:

    I think you’re right. I suppose it could be argued he at least imbibed from a higher standard of puddle. No southside pish from him. 

    Ah, but as hardened Subcrawlers will attest, the Southside puddles are actually the best puddles on the crawl.

  6. Don't know how Beale will approach this tonight.  The first 45 mins at Ibrox were torture, but we looked better going forward in the second half once Matondo had been introduced. 

    I could see him sticking with the same XI, except for Matondo in for Sima from the start to try and give us an out ball down the left to attack them with pace when we get the ball. 


  7. 9 hours ago, BTFD said:

    Thoughts and prayers are always with @KnightswoodBear as we enter this trying time of year.

    TBF, they're only out trying to get their hole, and it's not their fault that they're creepy and horrible. Surely 95% of P&B can sympathise with that.

    I feel seen.

  8. 2 hours ago, Mark Connolly said:

    IIRC he’s gentrified himself and now lives in a leafy south side suburb, in which case David Orr at Whitecraigs is the shout

    You are correct, as that is my club. David Orr is my guy.  Very good teacher too.

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