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  1. Megan Fox, never has an actress been so aptly named. I must go now, and do stuff......
  2. Scarface. First time I've actually seen it start to finish. Crackin picture. Say hello to my leeeeetellll friend! 9/10
  3. Does anyone know if any cinemas in the Glasgow area are showing Blade Runner: Final Cut? I can't find it anywhere
  4. The first time I watched it years ago, I remember feeling that I probably shouldn't have felt the way I did at the end. It's just such a powerful film, and it really gives you a sense of the long periods of sheer boredom, followed by terrifing periods where they could all be dead in seconds. And get Stalingrad, you'll pick it up for buttons in HMV or the like. Don't get the dubbed version, it's awful
  5. The shortened movie version, or the monster TV version? Either way, absolutely stunning. If you haven't already seen it, get a hold of Stalingrad. It's aother German movie in the same vein. Really outstanding piece of cinema.
  6. Went to see Eastern Promises last night and thought it was excellent. Viggo Morternsen is outstanding in it. There are one or two incredibly brutal scenes that really make you squirm. 8.5/10
  7. American Gangster Cracking performance as always from Denzel Washington, but Russel Crowes character is criminally underused and you never really get any feeling for him. Could have been a classic, but just falls short. A solid 7/10
  8. Crowded House at the SECC on the 30th (i think)
  9. Having a wee listen to "Ten" by Pearl Jam. Haven't listened to this for years B)
  10. I went to the movies to see Zodiac and thought it was excellent. If you haven't already, try and get a hold of the book written by the Jake Gyllenhal character Robert Graysmith. It's a really chilling read, even more so as it uses actual letters from Zodiac and the police files and reports from the time. In fact, here's a link
  11. That was bang out of order. The band got skelped numerous times. FFS I stood for 20 mins to buy two warm cans of Miller at £2 a pop, no fucking way would I be throwing them.
  12. They're OK, it was more to show my pleasure that I'd won something for the first time in my puff. I was at the James gig too, and whilst I wasn't blown away, they do have a Happy Mondays feel about them.
  13. I've just won two tickets to go see The Twang tonight at the Barras from Rock Radio. WOOT!
  14. I caught a wee bit of that last night. It was the bit in the boozer where they show you Jackie scoring all his goals for "Celtic". In reality they had doctored someof his great goals for the Gers to make it look like he was wearing Celtic colours. Had to turn it off. Nightmares last night because of it.
  15. Just in from the Fratellis at the SECC. Great gig B)
  16. Got that before Death Proof the other night at the pictures. Does indeed look the baws. Viggo's accent is slightly dodgy by the sounds of it though
  17. Have to agree with Kermode being a c**t. His rants are funny to me, but not in the way that his devoted followers think they are. I just find them quite desperate. Prime examples of this were the PotC reviews. After he destroyed the first film, in the run up to the two subsequent sequels he would openly say things like "two weeks till I tell you how bad PotC 2 is" nothing like objective journalism, eh Mark? I used to enjoy the show he used to do for Channel 4 (i think) on a Sunday night where he would choose a specific genre of film (usually horror, his main love) and then present a cult classic and tell us why he loved it so much. Now I just think he's a c**t
  18. Going to the Fratellis, but can't remember what night
  19. Jack Savoretti at King Tuts on Sunday. Can't wait B)
  20. The Quiet Man is easily in my top 20 all time movies. My dads family is originally from round about where it was filmed. And it's got John Wayne stopping mid scrap for a pint. Perfect
  21. That's not very nice. 11st and not a tattoo on me.
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