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  1. I think there was a couple of things in TOTK that got patched early on. I saw a few things that suggested there was some glitches that allowed you to kill Lynels easily by attaching two chests together and it drove them bonkers and they just stood still shouting at them. Don't think that happens anymore. eta A bit like this:
  2. The music was absolutely spot on. I've found a playlist someone has made up with all the music from S1&2 on Spotify. Richtie belting out Taylor Swift in the car made me smile like an idiot.
  3. I enjoyed s3. Mahershala Ali is such a fantastic actor. I've never gone back to s2 after we binned it after an episode or 2.
  4. Someone needs to have a word with Ryan Jack and get him to give up his shirt number.
  5. This Rosenborg team has a very "47 years into a champ man squad full of regens" vibe about it. ETA: ooooftt
  6. I demand those photos of me 2 stone and a full head of hair ago are removed.
  7. As @Disco Duck said, there was one up at Falkirk Tryst a long while ago. @Div sorted us out with shirts. It was a great day, topped off with my oft told story about a well known poster who went on (i believe) to be chairman of his club standing on the same shite twice.
  8. Hope none on the Hibees on here are affected. Frankfurt airport flooded, apparently
  9. I like Lundstram, he can be a good option if we are looking for someone to shield the back 4, but he can take all the momentum out of a move going forward sometimes. I think that with the players we have brought in we should be seeing him used less than he has been. If someone was to attempt to take him before the window shut I don't imagine we would be too hard to deal with. edit: This is on the assumption that Jack stays relatively injury free. So probably another 40+ game season for big John then.....
  10. My cleaners have arrived 25 mins early this morning, roughly 2 mins after i'd had a shite in the downstairs toilet.
  11. Thought we started very well and had a drive and energy that was missing on Saturday. Cantwell always looks dangerous when he's moving us forward. I like the look of Lammers, he seems two footed and has quick feet. Danilo was always looking for the ball, but his final ball when we were breaking let him down last night. He looks very much like a player desperate to impress and making mistakes (his performance last night reminded me of Morelos' first game at Ibrox). Not sure about Dessers and Sima. Sima is giving me heavy Umar Sidiq vibes. If we'd taken one of our chances and gone 3 up then i think the game is done, their keepers save from Lammers was Goram-esque. The penalty looked like a pen to me, so no complaints there. The red card almost worked against us as they just shut up shop and we struggled to play through the 2 banks of 5. I think we'll score over there. As @bennett said, we look very much like a team of new players getting to know each other at the moment, we had some lovely one touch passing moves that broke down at the edge of the box with players making the wrong choice or turning the wrong way, but I'm hopeful that it will come together. Nice to see Cifuentes as well, he looks like he wants to be moving forward with the ball when he has it.
  12. A left back and a left sided CB please, Mr Rangers. ETA: and if we can persuade someone to take Davies and Matondo off our hands as well that would be great.
  13. Whilst episode 6 will get the plaudits and probably awards, episode 7 following Ritchie was absolutely magnificent as well.
  14. Probably have the 3 of them ahead of Sakala. The lovable, shite b*****d that he is. Whilst his goals and assist stats are really good, especially for someone who didn't always start, his two open goal sitters against Celtic in the cup games sum him up for me.
  15. I'm more disappointed that there is no mention of how many tranches we are paying it up in. These boys fucking love a tranche
  16. This is an even more excellent bit of business, dear reader, what a great job we are doing this transfer window, minimizing our expenditure. Please donate.
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