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  1. Yeah, minimum of 6 cards in the last 12 months
  2. I've had similar this month. Made a promise to myself that I'm going to get more cards in this year. I wasn't able to enter a comp with my mate as it turns out I didn't put in 6 cards last year. I've put 3 in this month already, unfortunately my golf has been so absolutely honking that my handicap has gone up by 1. Went out during the week on my own on Tuesday evening and played 1-10 and up 18 and whilst it wasn't perfect, i was hitting the ball better. That's the usual with me though, as soon as I tee up in a comp, it all goes to shite.
  3. My wife and I are both playing this on separate saves. It's interesting whenever I see what she's up to how much it differs from what I'm doing. She's done the first dungeon and is sort of following the main storyline, but I'm just basically fucking about, trying to open up the map and finding shrines to build my levels up. It's fucking magnificent.
  4. That game was a microcosm of why we haven't won anything this season. Unable to keep weans out a close early on and unable to see out a game from a winning position. Fin.
  5. I'd be very surprised if any of the players leaving start. Kent and Morelos are injured as far as I know and Helander is done. McGregor might start, but McRorie has done nothing wrong in the games he's played so far. I think you'll see Arfield and McGregor get 5 minutes at the end.
  6. Seems like an absolute top c**t.
  7. Were did you get a picture of my Great great Grandad?
  8. My old man was Francis Joseph and his old man was Francis Joseph. Thank f**k he didn't carry on the tradition with me
  9. The dad was Brian Dennehy. I've never been surer of anything in my life.
  10. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Glasgow that replaces broken ipad screens? Apple can absolutely get fucked with what they charge.
  11. I'm having an absolute fucking nightmare with my game just now. Last few rounds have been genuine "I need to stop playing this game" affairs. Can't even do the basics right.
  12. I've got Bruce Springsteen at Murrayfield in a couple of weeks, but I need to take the car to get back to Glasgow for the kids after the gig. Any suggestions of somewhere to park that isn't a million miles away and is the right side to get back to Glasgow?
  13. I'm still messing about on the Sky Island getting used to the new abilities. Absolutely loving it so far.
  14. He's not exactly on my top ten list of folk to go and find interviews of. And probably this as well.
  15. I think that's the first time I've ever heard Jock Stein speak. If you shut your eyes I'd swear it was Alex Ferguson talking.
  16. I was in my wife's office on St Enoch Square yesterday. It looks out onto the back of the St Enoch Center and the huge electronic billboard they have. Every few adverts it changed to one for Zelda, proclaiming in big letters "4 DAYS TO GO!" I was buzzing for it before.......
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