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  1. Qualifiers were still scheduled by negotiation then and in a real stroke of genius George Burley + Gordon Smith agreed to visit Oslo in the August friendly slot which would only have allowed 2 days preparation. Failing to get SPL to start a week early, they belatedly struck a deal to start a week late*, allowing for sufficient prep... but players hadn't played competitively since April/May. *deal was that if we qualified the Scottish Cup Semi-Finals would be played midweek so SPL could use the weekend - we didn't qualify and thankfully they weren't. This is only surpassed for incredulity by Gordon Smith's earlier attempt to alleviate Rangers fixture pileup by delaying Scottish Cup Final in 2008 v Queen of the South to following Wednesday night.
  2. He's a Carlton Club member so doubt he desperately needed £400 to tide over his MP salary to next month. It'll be an egotistical thrill, of doing over the bookies, or effectively printing yourself £.
  3. I see Morton v St Mirren is down as Tuesday 9th July, but like last season it's being euphemistically billed "the Communities Cup". What's stopping them officially playing the Renfrewshire Cup?
  4. Interesting program of July friendlies is not far away now - infact about a dozen unnervingly eager clubs are back underway before June is out and 3 even earlier. Vale of Leithen host Coldstream in the next edition of the EOS Centenary Challenge; plus there are weekend cups at Bathgate, Dundonald, Luncarty and Stoneyburn. Below is list of games I've seen confirmed or announced, but bound to be more out there so post missing games, updates and of course scores. Some which especially caught the eye are Dunbar and Preston hosting Hibs XIs, a visit to Luncarty by Rothes, plus Dunbar at Newcastle Benfield: Edinburgh South appear to be playing their home friendlies at Spartans - and Whitburn their home friendlies at the King George V playing fields.
  5. I couldn't claim to understand in detail, but the Extreme Left (LFI) is populist and eurosceptic - they seem to be like BSW in Germany; the Far Left (PRG) kept out of a radical alliance some years ago - a continuing minority - and are more liberal; the Communists (PCF) are as-it-says-on-the-tin, and former Marxist-Leninists... ...hence presumably a cold shoulder to allying with Trotskyists (LO). Incidentally the LO has its own mini-'alliance' with the Anticapitalists (NPA) - and the PRG an 'alliance' with a federation of tiny socialist parties (FGR). No wonder French politics appears gubbed.
  6. France's Republicans ditch leader over far-right alliance deal - BBC News Head of Conservatives in France (polling 8-9%) last night proposed a pact with far right; got denounced by leader in parliament; and has been deposed. Will be a pact of Labour-Greens-far left-extreme left-communists. Aggregate of 3 polls since Macron called election: 33-35% Far right 27-34% leftist pact 16-19% Centrists/Liberals (government) 8-9% Conservatives 4-5% Extreme right 1-2% Gaullists 0-3% Trotskyists 0-2% Ecologists +0-4% others
  7. ... 4 months on their polling has broadly increased : AUSTRIA: Austrian general election (September) 32% far right 21% Labour 20% Conservatives 8% Greens 8% Liberals +9% others Styria state election (autumn) 29% far right 22% Conservatives 21% Labour 11% Communists 10% Greens 6% Liberals +1% others Vorarlberg state election (autumn) 30% Conservatives 29% far right 14% Greens 12% Labour 10% Liberals +3% others GERMANY: Brandenburg state election (September) 26% far right 22% Labour 18% Conservatives 10% far left 8% Greens 6% Communists +10% others Saxony state election (September) 31% Conservatives 30% far right 10% far left 6% Labour 6% Greens 5% Communists 3% Liberals +9% others Thuringia state election (September) 29% far right 20% Conservatives 16% Communists 15% far left 9% Labour 5% Greens +6% others
  8. Czechs also had 2 and Canadians had 1 alongside 44x RAF, 14x Auxiliary, 3x Coastal Command and 2x Fleet Air Arm some of which included foreign pilots - indeed the only surviving veteran is 104-year-old John Hemming from Eire; were 574 foreign beside 2,353 British: Special mention to confusingly named No 247 (China British) Squadron RAF - who got transferred from Shetland to Plymouth halfway through and became the only Allied fighter squadron to contest the Battle of Britain using biplanes...
  9. Especially due to the B sides, it's reputation among fans has been in the doldrums for years - latterly manifested in many very poor crowds in its early stages - but more prizemoney won't make jot of a difference there. Resting players also become widespread in early rounds and don't see managers reversing this trend - they've now also moved QFs + SFs to midweek which won't help.
  10. There was a coalition government from May 1940 to May 1945 - with Churchill as PM and Attlee as deputy... the war cabinet had 3 Conservatives / 2 Labour, later expanded to 4 / 3. Chief legal and economic posts were shared out plus Labour ministers also led several departments like the Admiralty (Royal Navy), Home Office, Ministry of Labour and Scottish Office while the Liberals headed the Air Ministry (RAF) and Health; later in the war Labour also took-on Aircraft Production and the Liberals added Fuel & Power. Come the July 1945 election all parties were offering what by pre-war standards were fairly radical social policies... also, don't forget the author of the Beveridge Report was a Liberal, and the great Education Act of 1944 was the product of a Conservative minister... but Labour were pledging to go furthest on the welfare state, post-war rebuilding and nationalisation plus were most trusted by the electorate to deliver on it wholeheartedly. Hence a landslide Labour victory: and a landslide defeat for Churchill despite his approval ratings standing at an all-time record 83% in May 1945. EDIT: that said we should recall Churchill was back only 6yrs later... Attlee's premiership had almost exactly a same duration as David Cameron (but achieved rather more!)... from when he and Conservative successors Eden, Macmillan and Douglas-Home lasted 13yrs.
  11. First opinion poll for the French general election taken today (using 2-3 times as many respondents as French polls routinely ask): Voting intention 34% Far right 22% alliance of Labour/Greens/Far left/Communists 19% alliance Centrists/Liberals (government) 9% alliance of Conservatives 9% Extreme left 4% Extreme right +3% others Predicted seats (289 majority) 235-265 Far right 125-155 alliance Centrists/Liberals (government) 115-145 alliance of Labour/Greens/Far left/Communists 40-55 alliance of Conservatives 0-2 Gaullists +5-20 others WTF has Macron potentially done?
  12. Looking at updated SFA list (still using last season's divisions btw) it cannot be coincidence just City and Buckie - plus Fraserburgh for some reason - have a specific review date in early autumn.
  13. Having done a bit of digging quite a few of our clubs seem to have gone across to occupied Germany during 1945-46 under a "Trips to the Troops" scheme including the Scotland national team. Queen's Park couldn't get back due to fog so their reserves had to fulfil their league game at home to Queen of the South and only lost 3-2 while the reserve game at Palmerston was cancelled . Wednesday 17th October British Army of Rhine 6-1 Rangers at Hanover (50,000) Wednesday 31st October British Army of Rhine 3-0 Queen's Park at Verden (35,000) Saturday 17th November Combined Services 2-4 Scotland at Celle (12,000) Sunday 18th November Combined Services 1-1 Scotland at Hamburg (40,000) Wednesday 17th April Combined Services 2-1 Partick Thistle at Munster (10,000) Wednesday 1st May British Army of Rhine 0-3 Hibernian at Celle (£500... 20,000?) Sunday 2nd June Combined Services 2-3 Heart of Midlothian at Celle (8,000)
  14. It's called "Reconquest". Led by Eric Zemmour the 'Great Replacement'... 'French Suicide'... 'First Sex'... theorist/author.
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