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  1. 3 minutes ago, ICTChris said:

    The BBC summary on their website has mentioned a couple of times that the Cass Review, on gender related healthcare for children and young people in NHS England, is a factor in the break but I haven't heard anyone actually say that in any of the statements, which I admittedly haven't listened to start to finish.

    Is there any indication that the Cass Review, and more specifically the NHS Scotland response to it, is a factor in what's happened today?  I can't see any but it's there on the BBC site, or it certainly was there.

    'Rainbow Greens' have kicked up a fuss about the Cass report.

  2. 6 hours ago, SGMilne said:

    I think there's very little difference between a balanced Premiership squad from 4th down compared to what we've got as Championship winners.

    If we let Moult go, he would 100% be snapped up by one of our rivals for next season.


    You're seriously deluded/have no clue what you're on about. IMO.

  3. 1 hour ago, Der Panzer said:

    If there’s been one thing that’s become more and more noticeable as Utd edge towards finally winning the league - it is that their fans seem happier to come in here and chat. 

    When they realized how inept they were this year and how annoyingly competent our season has been they seemed to forget their logins.

    Nice to have them back and particularly looking forward to scudding them and their dimwit (thank you biggy) manager next season for the relative peace it will bring. 

    Thank You 

    Went into their thread to have a little chit chat, and then got branded a 'troll' by @Arab_R_us

    You couldn't make it up.😂

    Thank you.😎

  4. 17 hours ago, CYBERSHED said:

    But given that Goodwin knows the squad better than anyone else out there, I'm inclined to stick with him and see if he can build us a squad to compete in the prem. 


    7 hours ago, Pull My Strings said:

    He's been excellent this season and very reliable. It's a step up but I think he'd do okay for another year. I'd have Holt and Graham as the two competing for the left sided centre half slot and would expect Graham to cement that position eventually. He's a calm, solid presence.

    Kevin Holt. 😂

    Thank you.

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