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  1. 2 hours ago, LM_0803 said:

    Can't say it's not been coming. One of the worst halves of football we've played all season. Offered nothing up top, and slow bringing it out of defence. Better off with a mannequin up top than Bakayoko

    Would like to see Mellon and Main given a chance in the final three games, think they deserve it.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Butters Scotch said:

    Hmmm both teams have got big rebuilding jobs to do in the summer so wouldn't be shocked to see both near the drop zone next season. 

    More fucking shite, there's no 'big rebuilding' job at Dens, your mob however are going to need a brand new starting eleven, plus a new manager around November when Birdseye makes another c**t of everything.

    Thank you.

  3. 2 hours ago, Charles Stiles said:

    There isn't enough hate in the world to cover that lot. 

    This is utterly pathetic. It's a pity there isn't a club equivalent charge of bringing the game into disrepute. Mind you the SFA/SPFL wouldn't use it against their Ibrox masters anyway I suppose. 

    Spot on, they should be told, It's your choice to fanny around in 5 star hotels, and anymore 'statements' and you'll be charged with bringing the game into disrepute, but they don't have the bollocks to stand up to them. SFA/SPFL = Spineless b*****ds all. IMO.

  4. 46 minutes ago, Spikethedee said:

    Totally random question here:


    I was cleaning out some stuff from a fellow Dee, who sadly died a few weeks ago, and there was something in his collection with the lyrics to Johnny Scobie written on it. I had always assumed I knew the first line, but am interested to hear what you all think:


    "As I was coming down the Overgate, I met..." now, is it

    "wee Johnny Scobie", as in Johnny Scobie, who is small?

    or is it

    "wi' Johnny Scobie", as in I met with him?


    I've always thought one and this has the other on it, which one is correct?

    1st one is correct. IMO.

  5. 41 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    Amadou Bakayoko unexpectedly still has another year at FGR and has been retained. A huge blow to our chances of keeping him.

    Can't imagine him staying with them but might price us out.

    Ive grown to like him/can see what he brings. 

    Wouldn't be paying a fee for him though.IMO.

  6. Oceaneva Deep Marine GMT, great spec for the money, all titanium, double dome saphire, 1250m depth rating (no bullshit as they strapped one onto a remote controlled sub) ceramic fully loomed bezel, helium escape. £318 would've been less but got stung £50 on import fees. Will be going on the dark blue rubber it came with.



    Thank you.

  7. 1 hour ago, Meeniedee said:

    Played well today 

    Done by a cracking goal and a brain fart..not often you see Celtic time wasting v us.

    Yeah, you could see it on their fans horrible faces, absolutely shitting it for the last ten minutes. Great backing from the Derry whole second half as well I thought, don't understand folk bailing out when we were only two down though.

    Onwards and upwards.

    Thank you.

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