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  1. It was never a given after last year so good to see them getting the job done this year. I know a lot of people were not fans of the Super6 but you have to wonder if the up turn in form was down to them all getting proper game time the last year or so in a decent competition. The worry is they'll go back to playing the odd 'A' game for the pro sides and with no proper game time there development will be stunted along with the next few year groups.
  2. If we hadnt been relegated from the top tier, then lost the final last year, we wouldnt have had to pull the stunt of holding the tournament just to get a chance at getting back to the top tier.
  3. Were starting Dobie on the wing, but have no SH cover on the bench, so he'll be swapping to SH after 60 mins probably. I was slightly concerned by the line up, then saw the Canadian team, all home based except 2, 1 playing for Clifton (4 tier in England) and Dungannon (Irish 2nd tier) - wikipedia has them at Toronto Arrows but they went bust in 23
  4. I thought that as well, then when i looked at the full draw Im not sure I would swap - Northampton look to have come out of it the worst, Toulouse the best probably Champions Cup draw: Pool One: Toulouse (1st), Bordeaux Begles (3rd), Sharks (14th), Exeter Chiefs (7th), Leicester Tigers(8th), Ulster (6th) Pool Two: Leinster (3rd), Clermont Auvergne (8th), La Rochelle (5th), Bristol Bears (5th), Benetton (7th), Bath (2nd) Pool Three: Northampton Saints (1st), Munster (1st), Bulls (2nd), Stade Francais (2nd), Saracens (4th), Castres (7th) Pool Four: Glasgow Warriors (4th), Racing 92 (6th), Sale Sharks (3rd), Stormers (5th), RC Toulon (4th), Harlequins (6th)
  5. If Vinnegard and Remco are close to full fitness it's going to be a classic, if they are not it's a procession for Pogacar
  6. I think that is the best approach, either rotate the hosting of the final between all 5 countries, or last years winners get to pick the venue ie as Glasgow win they/SRU get to pick next years, but its done before the season starts so everyone knows where it is, and as you say the URC book accomodation and training facilities so the 2 teams just need to get there. You could even sell a portion of tickets in advance like they do with the EPCR finals and then there is more of a build up to it. On Wales vs SA, even with all the foreign based players missing (and all the BUlls players) it looks an easy victory for SA, however I only saw about 20 minutes at the end of the 2nd half, and it looked pretty even. Although SA had already scored a couple of tries and probably took the foot of the gas allowing Wales back in for a bit. From the sounds of it a bit of a rollicking at half time and they were back on it 2nd half
  7. Amazing performace from Glasgow, why do Scotland fold like a cheap suit when Glasgow can play like that?
  8. try from Cummings has got us back into this, but need to ensure we get the next score.
  9. Thats because we only have 2 strikers likely to score and I would rather have someone able to come off the bench and offer a threat if we are chasing a game than another winger, at the moment our 3rd and 4th choice "strikers" are as much use on the wing as they are up top.
  10. If Ashcroft is signing then priorities for me are RB and CM then squad fillers. I think I would actually have a 3rd striker in than a winger. McKenezie / Bryden can cover on the wing if required but i'd rather have someone else to come of the bench that gives a goal threat as we dont have that at the moment.
  11. Is probably the correct term, however given that most eyes are on the Euro's and not transfers, creaked open is probably more the case for this year!!
  12. At the end of the transfer window there is always the cliche of it "slamming shut", as the transfer window only actually opens today, what should the cliche for it opening be? The transfer window is now ajar doesnt have the same ring to it? propped open?
  13. To be fair I think that's the reason Matthews isnt going, Ashman is going to be first choice going forward so could do with the game time to get the systems right, and Harrison, Smith and Richardson have next to no international experience so need to get time in as back up. I get the impression though that both Matthews and Cherie are classed as club players rather than international class just on the way they have come through (ie not te system / Fosroc academy). On the experienced players going / not going the likes if Jones, Tuipolotu and Cummings are coming back after time out with injuries and Sutherland didnt get much game time in France this year. You wonder if Price is rested or has he dropped out the picture as he's been out of sorts all season. One that could have done with a rest is Fagerson, who's played all season, and looks like the only number 8 in the squad so will be playing every game.
  14. I actually cant remember any year when we have been in a better position this early. Even in McCall's days everyone was only on a one year deal and at this point we were still waiting on the majority of players returning form holiday to find out if they were going to stay for another year or not. This year its only Musonda we are waiting on. Most other years at this point we couldnt put an 11 on the park, this year we can and its already (on paper anyway) as good, if not better than what we had last season. Yes we know its not the finished article and we are in need of at least a RB, CH and CM but we are in a really strong position compared to normal / most other teams in our league
  15. I make it 19 players plus a couple of other youths (ive included a few that you would actually consider capable of playing 1st team) were already at 19 players, I would assume we wont go much more than 22 players for the squad thats another 3 - although we maybe shouldnt be including McGeady in that. If that is the case I would go a RB (with McAlister than covering CB) plus 1 more CB that can cover LB is ideally a fully fit Musonda. Then another CM. Another attacking player that can cover wing and CF would be ideal, although could be Browns expecting McKenzie and Bryden to cover wing and CF. Unless there are a few going out on loan / leaving we already have a pretty big squad. Goalkeepers: Stone, Mutch, Ecrepont RB McAllister, Watret LB Reading CB McGinty, Stanger - tbc Musonda Midfielders: Murdoch, Dempsey, Syla Wingers: Murphy, Henderson, McGeady, Tomlinson Strikers: Dowds, Oakley, McKenzie, Bryden
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