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  1. I've found both of mine and I had one through the original (non-SSC) ballot, and another through a resale and both are showing.
  2. I joined the queue at 8.40am, and still not a hope in hell.
  3. None at all. Odd tickets kept reappearing but you couldn't get them into your basket quick enough. I've been booted out for being in there for 30 minutes (I was only 20). But no Germany tickets for definite, didn't play for the Swiss one's but it was showing as sold out too.
  4. I got in a while ago, but there's only Hungary tickets available (which I already have). The rest of them are done.
  5. The timer drops quite quickly at times - I've dropped to 15 minutes now already.
  6. I was at about 25-30%
  7. I've got a timer now. 47 minutes.
  8. A moving progress bar for me at last
  9. Assuming these are all just SSC tickets getting allocated first? I've ballot & resale ones for the Switzerland and Hungary games but they're not showing up yet.
  10. Also, don't believe the availability thing. It's bullshit. Also, even if they show on the portal they don't necessarily actually have the availability to go into your basket.
  11. I joined the queue at 9.10, got in at 10.15. Germany FF tickets went immediately, but managed to get my pick of Switzerland tickets. Already had Hungary. There's still expensive Germany ones and some restricted view for Switzerland the last I saw.
  12. *Another Do I not remember something like this happening before, where a bunch of randoms decided they were going to be the official supporters club despite us already having some? I remember the BISC weren't too pleased about it.
  13. Can categorically state that the impact of the Malky appointment is much worse than 50 or so fans boycotting. For one thing there are a number of businesses behind the scenes that have walked away with substantial funding. A reasonable chunk of the money Roy had to write-off would be accounting for that lost revenue. There's also a reason the Victoria Suite has been shut for numerous games over the last two years - and that has a big knock-on effect too. Most of that isn't likely to come back though. I can definitively say that a large chunk of that cash isn't coming back regardless now.
  14. I'm so conflicted on all of it, I'd essentially accepted our relegation after the Hearts debacle. It would be nice to not get relegated, but at the end of the day the most important thing is that racist sack of shit is given his jotters.
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