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  1. I'll take a draw in my head. Morton back on form, players coming back I fear our ghost-like midfield against teams who have players in there. Overall though, I think we can get the 3 points. No easy task though, as we were the last team to hand a defeat to Morton.
  2. Last team to beat Morton was us. I'd love a win.
  3. Great result. Still let a lot go in midfield but Neilson, Banzo and Fitzpatrick were great. Also, credit to Sneddon who looked a lot more assured and his distribution was quicker too. Great day in hospitality to boot. Have a good night Jags fans, and safe home to the Smokies.
  4. Blair Alston in for Stanway. Opportunity for Arbroath if they have any effective midfielders...
  5. Paul McDonald did state the "knock" regarding Mitchell again.
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