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  1. ...and happy enough with Moore but that's not going to happen unless the chairman there has had a serious change of heart.

    Is it common knowledge that they demanded massive compensation from Morton for him? Morton refused knowing they might be able to just take him if Stirling went under. Obviously, as you say, Rovers won't be paying any money for a manager.

  2. I know for a fact that it's hard not to look where people are talking about you - however(!): How you react to it varies from person to person. To some, it will spur you to prove yourself - and in the case of players who've made it as far as a 1st Division, I fully expect most to have enough self-belief to react this way. Secondly, if you know it's a bunch of joiners/accountants/students discussing you, you can be reassured by their probable uninformed-ness.

    But just in case, I'd like to point out that I LOVE LAURIE

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