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  1. Not sure what irrelevant info would lead to someone decent being excluded?
  2. I can only answer for myself here, but I carried mine in my wallet so that I always had it when I was working. Now that I am in a more office base role, it lives in an id holder so I don't carry it when I'm not working.
  3. Just to add with what's been said above, probationary officers are taught from day 1 to question anything that they don't feel comfortable with. There are different ways in which unacceptable behaviour can be reported, either to a supervisor or anonymously online / by phone. Any allegation is looked into and in terms of complaints, criminal allegations are passed to the fiscal to make a decision on. In terms of recruitment, i think it was a wrong move to do away with the home visit. An inspector or sergeant would visit all applicants at home to talk over the application but it gave a bit of an insight into their personal circumstances. I'm not saying it would weed out all wrong uns, but it was a useful tool.
  4. Sadly, I would agree with all of this and I don't think it's insignificant. A big chunk is up to the police to try and fix this and to make people feel safe again. I would admit it is a failing on our part and that something has to change to address it.
  5. I have never seen anyone "ostracised" for doing this for a genuine issue. I would also agree with you over ridiculous comments from some of our senior management. However, you seem to be be happy throwing criticism without giving any suggestions for how to improve matters.
  6. What model would you like to see? I am genuinely interested in how you would like things to be. I would like to clarify that I made bad use of the parapet phrase, I only meant that in terms of this forum. There are many mechanisms in place for me to call out poor behaviour in the workplace.
  7. The PF is in charge of any investigation into any allegation of police criminality. I have no issue with that, although as in the above case, it does seem to take an incredibly long time, which does nobody any favours.
  8. I wasn't trying to go good cops v bad cops, I was only giving my opinion. I have called out bad behaviour, and it has been dealt with accordingly. Corruption is an another matter and is dealt with by a unit which is incredibly unpopular with other officers. In fact it was so unpopular that the Sunday mail (apologies) ran a story criticising it for doing the very thing it was set up to do. I am genuinely interested to hear your views on how you would like reform to be carried out. I think that it is the right time for open and honest conversations to be had about how the public would like to be policed.
  9. If that was aimed at me, then I can honestly say that I've never been part of anyone being "brutalised". As for Sheku Bayou, I believe there is an FAI ongoing, and as I wasn't there, then I will refrain fro commenting further.
  10. I have had a good few years enjoying all sorts of topics on here, without ever feeling the need to comment, however, I now feel the need to put my head above the parapet. I have over 20 years service in the police. In that time I have watched the job change incredibly and I would readily admit that the service we provide to the public is not as good as it should be. In my opinion we have lost sight of our main priority, which is to provide a service to the community and try our best to keep people safe. I will also be the first to admit that we, alongside all other companies, have our fair share of folk who should not be in that job, probably more so than any other agency due to the nature of the job. However, every time I go to work, I, along with the majority of my colleagues, try and do the best we can with the limited resources given to us. The Sarah Everard case is horrendous and I am glad that he received a whole life term, in fact I would probably go further on that, but it would be a different topic. Over and above his horrific acts, he has played his part in destroying any remaining trust the public had in what we do. That being said, I do find it difficult to read that, purely because of the job I do, I am automatically labelled an acab or worse. The police are routinely left to deal with all manner of things that we are not equipped to deal with, the main one being mental health, and then criticised whenever anything goes wrong. Defend the police is a great slogan for America, but maybe not so good for here, as we have precious little to go around as it is. I know this post is more suited to the general police thread, but it seemed to be relevant here. Oaksoft said earlier that we have a strong union. That is wrong, we have a staff association made up of office bearers that can't be voted out. We also have no right to strike, so in all honesty they are a waste of time. And also an embarrassment on a number of occasions.
  11. What made last weeks win even better for Inveraray was that the second team won 6 - 0 with a team that included 5 or 6 boys from the U 14`s. Encouraging that the next generation of players is getting match practice and being helped along by some of the more experienced players from the first team.
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