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  1. We all type something & maybe go why did I say that? But not the same horrific take twice, that really does take the biscuit (to use an old saying for you).
  2. Shodwell on Google…”who is the French all time top goal scorers?”
  3. I have a different view if I had a choice of player to bring in, I would much prefer an ugly, run through walls, enforcer type player. Lang (without the ugliness) can do that but the injury is a concern.
  4. Continuing as we did last season, momentum and a team knowing each other hopefully gets us off to a flier this season. Beating the Championship winners convincingly without last seasons main left back or CH pairing and a lowland league player in his debut out of position I wonder what the moans will be about, Bovril prices? Adams looked composed, great start from him.
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