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  1. Ian McCall is on Sportsound tonight at some point, hopefully get an update if he is allowed to talk about non OF diddy topics.
  2. Can you imagine it, Ayr fans in the home end because we can't get tickets in the away end!
  3. Yes I agree, not sure about a full house but should certainly boost the attendance.
  4. Quaffing celebratory 20yr Scapa whisky last night, the earlier Inverness train booked for next weekend (we get there at 12 for some ale and grub at the marvellous Clachnaharry Inn), train booked for Dundee the following weekend and trains booked for some madness in Carlisle before and after QOS away on September 1st. What a time to be alive Would other teams and their manky directors please GTF, leave our players alone and let us Ayr fans enjoy this period for however long it lasts. After the last 15 years I think we deserve it.
  5. We haven't even had him for a year yet for gods sake! Let him prove himself in the Championship till January then we can weigh up the offers. Absolutely agree about Saturday, we need to turn up in droves.
  6. Not sure what forecast you're using but the MET office and BBC currently have it dry for Saturday.
  7. Reference is often made to the Stranraer game but it was only a fiver to get in on a beautiful Sunday that wasn't competing with any other fixtures. There were plenty of folk from Ayr that day but £17 might not attract them back easily. Hope we get at least 3k.
  8. Hopefully we can at least keep up the brilliant scoring run we're on from last season. We scored in every home game and only had blanks away against Hibs and Airdrie I think.
  9. Us losing 4-0 and Hearts beating Inverness 1-0 is the only combination stopping us apparently.
  10. Ask him when was the last time he celebrated with the players and management he has followed all season in a local pub an hour or so after celebrating a league win on the pitch.
  11. It was unfortunate that the end of last season was almost a disaster as it partially hid the fact we scored 124 goals last season and were hugely entertaining throughout, despite the goalkeeping calamities. I'm hoping we have at least one more memorable season with McCall in charge. Reid's teams were never this good to watch.
  12. Not only that, looks like suncream might be required, especially behind the goal
  13. I missed Saturday but I'm going tomorrow. It's a credit to Ian McCall and the lads that I'm looking forward to a Saturday afternoon in Coatbridge for the first time ever.
  14. Just seen that Falkirk got 1730 and QOS got 803 which puts things into perspective a wee bit. A lot of people are on holiday, some people are away dealing with mental old parents (me), some people think these are glorified friendlies and not worth the bother, although I'd say this team are always worth the bother whatever the competition. This has to be the most exciting team since the Teale/Hurst/Walker days. I'm confident the crowds will shoot up if we continue as we started.
  15. Great to hear. Missed today but now I can't wait for Coatbridge. Yes, really.
  16. I totally agree, its why I sometimes choose to stand on the train home. Unfortunately fewer and fewer people enjoy standing, walking around etc! It's the health crisis that threatens this country.
  17. Thinking about it further maybe a small strip of terracing at the halfway line to allow 100 or so fans of each side to goad each other either side of a segregation fence. We must retain our ground's pleasing characteristics.
  18. If the two sides of the pitch were given the same sized stands as St Mirren for example, but we kept both ends as is, then I think that would be perfect for everyone and allows the choice to sit, or stand and properly celebrate goals in the traditional fashion. We must retain the big advantage of terracing behind each goals for atmosphere. Anyway let's start by staying in this league for a change!
  19. Moroccan lentil soup, a tuna, cheese and jalapenos baguette, brown scone with jam and a freshly squeezed orange juice. The highlight of my day, unless we get a magnificent cup draw.
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