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  1. Out of all the teams we've regularly played this century I can't think of a club I detest more than ICT.
  2. If few people can be arsed watching a team at the top of the Championship then I'd say that's pretty concerning. Don't we all want to watch games in full grounds?
  3. Logan Chalmers an unused sub (again) for Tranmere today. Pretty annoying.
  4. Has a reputation for being a "character" thanks to wearing a bunnet. Fud.
  5. I'm just thankful of top half of the league type stress instead of the last two horrific relegation seasons.
  6. I see Monster in Troon quite often and he was tempted to come back but think he works on Saturdays. Not that we play on that day much these days. He did go to Troon games for a few years. Think the main complaint at the time was lack of ambition from the club. In the supporters bus four miles out of Peterhead and suddenly realising he'd forgotten his wife is an all time classic awayday story though.
  7. We're not (yet) as bad as Arbroath - all four of their games in March are on a Friday night. I'm not sure of the number of part time players but regardless, thats a big inconvenience.
  8. As it stands we have 13 games left, of which only seven are on Saturday at 3pm assuming the Queens Park game is moved for the horse racing. Hopefully that will be a TV game as well otherwise we could lose another home game to a Friday night in April. Morton possibly? Quite happy to relegate the last home game v Raith to a Friday night if we're strutting our stuff at Hampden that weekend though.
  9. Hopefully its Falkirk, at a reasonable time of day. That stand behind the goal is always good for generating an atmosphere. Wonder if the lad that climbed up the tree to watch the game the last time is going?
  10. Does anyone know what the guys with the cameras set up at the corner flag yesterday was about?
  11. Yes I'm sure we were clinging on for the last playoff places at this stage.
  12. The pink strip will always remind me of this glorious game, where for the first time in a LONG time it felt we had a team that could achieve something special. OK it didn't work out but yearning for those days to happen again is exactly why we continue to go every week.
  13. "Two or three weeks" was the quote I think. More likely to apply to Murdoch obviously.
  14. Never heard both commentators wanting a manager sent to the opposite stand for being a loud annoying fud before.
  15. Agreed, quite often I almost missed the train blethering with him about football.
  16. Having just played their first home game in two months I'm sure Morton were hoping we'd get knocked out tonight so the rearranged league game would be scheduled for the Saturday 11th. But we didn't. What a wee shame.
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