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  1. Surprised no one has mentioned Ray Grant.I thought he was outstanding today.
  2. Clyderus-I believe the majority would continue to support the Club.
  3. Can someone provide info on sponsorship money for the various rounds of the Cup?
  4. So Alan Maitland is acting,unpaid,in a DoF capacity and Ronnie MacDonald is back watching Clyde.Can we but hope?
  5. As reported on the home site we bid for a WOSL striker but the Club wanted €20000 for him.As they only paid £3000 for him in early summer we told them no deal. N o name was released.
  6. Two substantial bids made for strikers-both rejected. Source.Clyde Director on home site message board.
  7. It would appear that The Glasgow Branch Clyde Supporters’Club are being used to drive forward this initiative. Whilst change is needed this is not the time .Wait until we hear what the outcome re Crownpoint is.
  8. The Fanzone within the ground would be better.
  9. Nice little stand opposite th3 main stand.Why would stewards not let us n? 2 people in it for whole game. Someone giving Clyde fans peters on here. What about the hobos in the Spartans crowd. Having said that I had to move 2 youngsters away from our fans-these fans are not as great as they think they are.
  10. Impressed with Parry. I was behind the Clyde goal second half and he was barking out instructions all the time. But for a stupid mistake we would have taken 3 points.
  11. Harry-not the opinion of someone in the know.
  12. If the comment on the Clyde q&a forum is taken at face value then monies are available for incoming players.
  13. Total silence from The Bully Wee.I take it we are having trouble in getting players to sign up?
  14. Haven’t seen Diamond or Corr recently.Have they gone?
  15. I think the booing was directed at Thicot-he deserved it.
  16. According to Chairman’s message on Clyde site money is available for signings in January.
  17. If we compare those who purport to run our country(Scotland that is) as being more suited to run a Community Council then where does that put the Clyde Board? I was astounded at the AGM to hear our Chairman state that Clyde FC was not in decline.Dare I suggest he would struggle to get on a school’s PTA.
  18. Ray Grant was absolutely brilliant today. Get McStay back to play alongside him and the skies the limit.
  19. At the risk of causing some controversy let’s just get Goodwillie back.
  20. The only thing we will get out of the Group is some cash.
  21. Has Livingstone signed for another Club yet? Sneaking feeling he and Cuddihy will be with us for the start of th4 season.
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