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  1. Did Martin Lauchlan not have a season with us. Also did Keogh not do his badges when running our under 20s?
  2. Seems clear to meSLW putting aside all of the above and as you are probably the only one on here who has had an insight into the running of Clyde FC can you enlighten us on the following? Is it a lack of finance that is pulling Clyde down or a failure in management at Boardroom level? There are many on here who say what should happen and amongst the most vociferous are those who belittle the CIC model and refuse to join when membership would surely strengthen their case if they could garner enough support at an A/EGM. I note that you are no
  3. You are absolutely right.In fact I am ashamed that I allowed myself to fall to the levels of EP albeit I wonder if his rants are tongue in teach to see what response he gets. I also get frustrated by the constant sniping about the Board when those sniping actually have a means of changing things but choose not to.It appears I am in line for a blazer,a place on the next golf outing and maybe even some hospitality thrown in-all because I believe the Board has the best interests of the Club at heart.But I accept they have made some serious mistakes.So instead of sniping perhaps some concerted positive action from some posters on here wouldn't go amiss.
  4. I actually thought I was showing concern for you.At least you have the sense to know your stupid. if you were to trawl back I think you will find I have expressed the view that BF should go.Where I disagree wth Cfcuk and others is re the Board.Yes they made a mistake re East Kilbride but in many ways their hands are tied due to a lack of finance and someone with the strength of character and leadership skills to take things forward. If you read the Insight section it is quite clear that the relocation initiative is still ongoing and as recently as yesterday there was a meeting with the SFA regarding this.I wonder if perhaps this is taking up so much time and energy that that core business-football-has been somewhat neglected. Someone earlier said that the players must carry some responsibility and I agree with this.It is the strongest squad we have had for sometime but with a lack of direction from the sidelines we have been shown to be woefully lacking in leadership on the park. Ii don't think we will end up in the Lowland League but I do worry that whoever comes in when BF goes is going to have a major rebuilding job. Of course a win on Saturday the who knows..
  5. Ok Penguin you've caught me out. So my last words on the subject in order that you can take your medicine and get to bed.My source is clear on the matter.We have been in decline for 10 years so after hours of deliberation and looking at the league table and the atlas to see where Selkirk is,it has been agreed that in fairness to Barry he be given a contract for 11 years.This contract will be subject to review in season 2022/23 by which time we should get a better measure of progress made.I hope this clarifies the situation.
  6. Elementary Penquin does your care worker know you have access to a computer? Of course I know what a rolling contract is. it is printed on parchment ,rolled up and placed in a tube.Which brings me talking about tubes.....!
  7. I believe he is on a rolling contract.If this is the case he will be away at the end of the season. Hopefully the Board are thinking of a replacement who can be in situ in time for pre season.
  8. Ian Stewart.Could be 1966 League Cup semi.
  9. SLW like you I can think of many other things to spend the money on that I squander on Clyde year after year.What worries me is if I choose one of those alternatives and others do the same-then the option of choice may be taken out of my hands.In the old days I would wake up on a Saturday full of excitement thinking today I'll be seeing George Herd,Tommy Ring etc.Sadly those days have gone and now Saturday's are full of trepidation with no team member getting the blood flowing.But it is all about emotion and Clyde still stirs that in me and I don't want to ever lose that.So I'll be there again tomorrow and Saturdays thereafter until the option is no longer there.
  10. Cfcuk you are absolutely right.Most of those posting here have Clyde at heart and the hurt being felt is palpable.However where have I asked you to support the CIC initiative what I am saying is that you have absolutely no chance of changing things from the outside.Take up my offer and I'll give you a cheque payable to Clyde FC on Tuesday night. Penquin I am sorry but I just understand you.
  11. Cfcuk you are absolutely right.Most of those posting here have Clyde at heart and the hurt being felt is palpable.However where have I asked you to support the CIC initiative what I am saying is that you have absolutely no chance of changing things from the outside.Take up my offer and I'll give you a cheque payable to Clyde FC on Tuesday night. Penquin I am sorry but I just understand you.
  12. When I read some of the stuff posted on this forum I really despair. Cfcuk I share your frustration and know that at heart you are are dedicated Clyde fan. However your constant moans about the current Clyde Board carry absolutely no weight.You do not like the current CIC membership but you are not prepared to do anything about it other than moan.I have offered in the past to pay your fee thereby giving you the opportunity to air your views at the appropriate forum-this offer is still open.You have lots to say and much of it valid so why not take up my offer? As for you Penquin I cannot make sense of much you spout albeit be it is said with passion and with undoubted feeling for our team.But any time anyone has a differing opinion then they must be in the pockets of the Board-why? Also in a previous for comments I made re Stirling Al thread you apologised on behalf of the Haddock family on behalf of all Clyde fans for comments I made about Stirling Albion Albion.You pompous oaf.One of my most cherished memories is being presented by the Glasgow South primary League pennant by Harry when Croftfoot won the league in 1959.Harry-recognised me as being a Shawfield ball boy and it is a moment I'll never forget so do not dare to apologise on my behalf again. The CIC initiative gives all Clyde fans the opportunity to have their say so instead of sitting at your keyboard moaning do something about it. set up gives
  13. If there was ever a catch 22 then this is surely it.Barry Ferguson doesn't appear to be ready to do the honourable thing and quit and I no longer want to go and watch the drivel he serves up on a regular basis now.The problem is if I and other like minds walk away we will be left with no team to support.So what to do? As a married man surely now would be a good time to spend some quality time with the wife and give her the care and attention she has missed over so many football seasons. Now I have thought about it I'll stick with the team and hope BF decides now would be a good time to spend more time with his family.
  14. Remember it just. I think we took the lead through Keogh then Ravenelli tore us apart. I can remember thinking before the game that we would get a bumper crowd for a midweek game-major disappointment.Another memory is that I am sure Keogh got Ravenelli's shirt at the end of the game.
  15. The comeback is on.It is only half time in games being played and we're heading back into a playoff place without having to kick a ball.
  16. This nonsense must be stopped before it gathers anymore momentum.Only a few weeks ago we had failed Clyde manager Alex Smith putting forward the idea that Celtic should take over Clyde in order to develop their younger players without a thought for those fans who follow a team with a 133 years tradition behind them.Time I think for those in charge of Scottish football to realise that people follow teams like Clyde because we cannot stand what the Old Firm stand for.All of a sudden my passion for Clyde is reignited.
  17. The above wasn't funny the first time and most certainly hasn't improved over the years.
  18. Well done Gunther and others involved.It really is heartening to see the love for our Club that is out there.
  19. How nice of our former manager to suggest that Celtic buy us out in order that their younger players can gain experience in the lower leagues.my response is the same as one I had 20 years ago regarding this clown.Alex Smith gtf.
  20. Cfcuk-I've said it before so I'll say it again.As you obviously feel you can run things better let me pay for your ownership fee and then I can propose you for Board membership at the next AGM.Yes the Generations initiative has been a bit farcical but we have to realise that at the moment we do not have the power to pressure companies to meet our needs.Maybe you are the man to give us that impetus.
  21. Could it be the majority of pre orders were for the large size?
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