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  1. You know when u have brought your daughter up right when she buys u this for your 60th birthday
  2. Green side have signed some centre back for a fee from a german side whilst blue side signed a player they had on loan on a permanent deal. Thought the point of the window was no business could be done until it opened
  3. Bit off track but can someone explain how the ugly sisters can sign players out of the transfer window
  4. After watching the Rovers for more than 50 years I thought it was time I made some comment. I have followed them everywhere, even took my holidays to watch them in a tournament up north with St Mirren. Think it was called Chivas Regal or something. I will support them through everything although these past two years has been fairly hard. Ray McKinnon looks as though he is the manager we have needed since Jimmy Nicoll left the first time. Please give the man time and stop trying to second guess him. As much as I admire Dave mcGurn he is only one player in the team. Eveybody should be pulling together and supporting the team, not trying to have players transferred that as far as you know will probably be part of his plans. Lets just get on and offer our best support in the up coming season which looks as though, with the signings, could be a really good one. Here's hoping
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