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  1. Fair play IS out of action, hasn't.been used for months. Related to the steel doors. Until that is fixed it isn't considered safe to be used incase it needs evacuation.
  2. Hope to god that's nonsense put out to see who is leaking the team lines. Goodwin's press conference saying only Holt out and Wotherspoon could make the bench. If it's true I hope some knows somebody with a classic fire engine we can borrow and flood the pitch!!
  3. The decision to close the enclosure, I believe, isn't solely United's decision. The required maintenance, not on the solidity of the stand structure, will need to be completed before the stand can be allowed to be used again. If we don't go up I suspect it won't happen & will only be done as and when we do as we probably won't need the capacity until we do.
  4. That is true, but navigating 6 rows may give the stewards etc time to react to limit those trying.
  5. Raith fans cannot use any other stand. The Fair Play Enclosure is out of commission until next season and the Jerry Kerr may well be used for United fans. Now we.were. iacuasing it at last Saturday's match and the Jerry Kerr was where we thought they should go, but I'd heard that was a no go but I don't have the official reason. There is nothing good being done for our club as you state. The Rovers crowd in The Shed will still be extremely noisy due to its design. I'm not sure the club would say that, it doesn't fit the narrative, Barrowman has previous for shithousery and is doing it again. He is creating a "United are rattled", "they're shafting us" narrative that creates a unified anger and raises the drive to want to beat us even more than normal. Much like the the Jack Hamilton "tackle" galvanised and lifted the support and then the team in the last meeting, he is hoping this does the same. No matter.what has caused this, I do hope that adult conversations can be had soon and there is no lasting damage to the relationship between the clubs once the dust settles.
  6. While I agree with some of your post, this line here I do take issue with. Raith have been told the legitimate reason and to try and create some sense.of injustice & get their fans more up for it have created a false narrative. Speaking to someone in the know, the drop in tickets is due to requests from police to leave the front 6 rows clear as they fear the potential of Raith fans on the pitch should they win. Whether that is justified or not that is what United have been advised and what has been passed to Raith. As such, it is a drop in tickets from previous game, but similar number to what away fans should be getting in the Fair Play Enclosure, but that is shut until the summer when some maintenance is planned, as home fans were supposed to be behind the goal.
  7. I would dispute the first part to some extent Declan Gallacher 154 premiership appearances 9 international caps McMann 185 premiership appearances Sibbald 109 premiership appearances Glenn Middleton 74 premiership appearances and 23 U21 caps Tony Watt 164 premiership, 30 Belgian top league, 15 Bulgarian top league and 1 Scotland cap Louis Moult 91 premiership, 31 English Championship & 1 English Premier League appearances Being able to follow instructions is a basic, not so much football but human life skill. Players in the Lowland League can follow instructions. These players have all had a large number of games at a level far higher than the Championship AND are being paid amounts that compensate them "appropriately". My issue with them is they are not playing to show the abilities they have, nor that they are value for money and the same job could be done by some one else for a lot less. This "they are in the Championship because..." annoys me a lot as everyone else we are playing against is in the Championship too. They managed to attack at speed, convert shots to goals at a greater number than we do, especially in the last couple of months. My issue is the bloody awful "Chuckle Brothers" me to you football that goes nowhere. Yes football is simple, but if you pass across the back to death all space is closed down. If you want to score more play with pace, get in behind the opposition so they are running facing their own goal. There is no correct way to play football, parking the bus, counter attacking, fast blitz attacking, long ball to a giant glaikit run through a brick wall centre forward, long ball into space etc. They are all valid, but mix it up. Do one thing all the time is predictable and easy to defend against. To spend your whole time worrying about what the opposition will do rather than what you can do is detrimental to winning mentality. With the budget we have and To some extent the players we do have we have shown at times this season the league should be over. The fact it isn't is down to Rovers keeping going and, to me, poor tactics, line ups and players not having the mentality of "winners" or arrogance of thinking it will happen and not making it happen during matches or a mixture of both.
  8. That's something Ronnie Costello on the Dode Fox has mentioned too. If that is the case then that is an even bigger problem in that the players are not carrying out instructions. I have at times watchd Goodwin on the sidelines & have witnessed a few "angry" responses to some player decisions. The big one that stands out for me is the Morton 2-3 loss at Tannadice. We started the game with all the intensity of a training match (again) and find ourselves 2 down. We up the pace considerably, go extremely positive, direct and purposeful. Get the game back to 2-2 with 2 quick goals. Fans start to think if we keep going like that they are on the ropes could be looking at a 3-2 or 4-2 victory. Team has other ideas, pace slows down, intensity goes and we plod along in exactly the same way we did to lose 2 goals without return and shock of all shocks we lose. If that is the players and Jim doesn't want to throw them under the bus in interviews then fine, but as said the behind the scenes "talking to" they are getting isn't working. I'm not going to say it is ALL on Jim, but some of decisions and player loyalty is questionable (like most managers TBF), as is the unfortunate double guessing and I feel "panic" about not getting promotion that is making the players nervous. It is also on the players in that they take 3-5 touches to do something other teams do in one, they are myopic in refusing to pass to those in space, rather to those with 2 or 3 defenders round them and they do not seem capable of realising and learning that if something works do it again!! Best not get me started on wingers that won't run into space,pass back and refuse to take on a man, or players in shooting positions constantly abdicating responsibility and passing to someone else before it gets cleared. You could be here all day. The more I type the less confident I am.
  9. 2022/2023.in Premiership ave attendance 8625 2023/24 in Championship ave attendance 7934 That's a difference of 691. That isn't bad considering we've lost games against Celtic, Rangers*, Aberdeen, Hearts & Hibs. Season ticket sales were healthy, all be it a bit down from last seaon where we beat our records STs by almost 1000. We also pocketed £500,000 from Aziz Behich's move from ASL to Saudi. Add in we have dropped £2 million in outgoings from July to December 2023 compared to the previous season. Shifting Edwards, Behich, Fletcher, Levitt, Harkes, Mulgrew, Niskanen & Erikson will have made a big difference to the wage bill as their replacements will be on fractions of their wages. We are on course to drop just over £4million from our outgoings compared to last season. The wages some of these guys were on was rediculous, Watt for example is on 4K a week. Our previous DOF chucked money about like confetti! Prize money is.far,far lower & we've missed out on boosting the coffers thanks to bottling it in the cup games but the figure should look far, far better for this season. Admin won't happen as the money is all due to Ogren & he'll lose a load of money if he does, nothing is owed to anyone outside of the Ogrens. If fat Tony and his hangers on hadn't left it would have been much worse. Coming to Goodwin, he stated at the Courier's "Evening With Jim Goodwin" that he could "only fail" at United. No matter how many points United win the league by, if we do, no one will say "well done" it will be "OK that's what was expected, now next season..." Add in Watt in his interview shown at half time during the televised game from Starks Park, mentioned the manager saying "do not lose!". To me this is the route of the problem. His failure at Aberdeen has given him the yips. He sends the team out not to lose, rather than going out to win. We play too slow and safe, rather than moving the ball quickly. If he'd take the shackles off I think we'd do better, but his negativity has spread to the players. I want him to do well, seems a decent guy, speaks well etc but I have absolutely no confidence in the management team nor playing staff in a must win game, and from what I've seen if we're in the playoffs we're here next season!
  10. Aye, but you'll notice I had only seen the fuzzy one, which looked like there had been no contact at all. I had then seen the none fuzzy one. I think it was a "get off" rather than a full blown "your fucking getting it" smack. He was being held down & stopped from getting up and annoyance took over. As said in the original post, intention & strength is irrelevant if contact is made like that. It is what it is. And thank you for at least having the courtesy of a reply and having a discussion. I didn't criticise Morton, you play anyway which gives you an advantage and rules are there to be pushed, Imrie did it his entire playing career. Players like that, if they are yours are lauded, when they're an opposition player they are the biggest chunts in the world. He wasn't going to be intimidated or be bullied and it looks like he has the team with the same attitude whether playing well or not.
  11. Aye what of it? Had only had the distance view of it from where I was sat and the fuzzy video. Looked at the time that it was a "get off" movement from Cudjoe and there was a massive over reaction from the Morton player, you don't move like that getting an arm in thr face. As you will have experienced last week David Munro had been utterly woeful looking directly at shirt pulls in the box and ignoring them, and quite a number of leaving the studs on after the ball had gone challanges. Basically 11 Dougie Imries and getting away with it. It worked and they got a point. It is what it is, he shouldn't have reacted, which the better video shows, I don't see a big follow through, which there would be if there was force behind it, but the level of force doesn't come into it. But if officials had dealt with some of the treatment dealt out to Cudjoe that incident would never have happened. It wasn't and it did end of. Move on and hope to never see Munro on a pitch again!!
  12. I had to rely on Twitter updates yesterday. What a howler from the keeper (so happy I can say that and it isn't about our keeper), cannot understand why he didn't push it over the bar for a corner. Well executed by Moult though & a good pass from Cudjoe.
  13. Be a strange one, signed a 2 year deal with Tranmere in June.
  14. According to Alan Temple it is a right back and central midfielder we are after with potentially one more. I'd suggest we need someone to plaay with/cover for Moult too.
  15. No idea where this nonsense came from, the way Asghar has got into the minds of United fans everywhere conspiracies. Burns used to break United transfers way,way before and of our fans had heard of the name Asghar nevermind seen it written down or had an ex agent turn up at the Tannadice doors. As one example the Chris Erskine transfer was broken by him days before anyone else. I do agree he seems to not have much to say on clubs outside of Premiership these days.
  16. That's Mulgrew away, quite a short, matter of fact statement from United. https://twitter.com/dundeeunitedfc/status/1687387913452154880?s=19
  17. Solid, nothing spectacular. Certainly in the first half he keptt.cutting infield rather than going down the flank or offering the overlap. Must have been a tactic.as.he.kept doing it amd allowing Meekison to run into the space you'd expect Grimshaw to be using.
  18. It certainly wasn't. There were many, many games including under Courts, Fox and Goodin where it was passing for passings sake, slow, mind numbing side to side just for the sake of passing. Mulgrew being number 1 instigator as I watched Courts throw his hands in the air in frustration a number of times. There was of course what you described above, but there are a lot of "Matalan Catalans" who subscribe to the passing for passing sake in Scotland. Just hoping Goodwin isn't one of them, and hoping his passing style is quicker as he has said it will be and purposeful .
  19. We've had nothing but passing it side to side aimlessly for the past few years and when it has been passed to death between centrebacks and the space is closed off we've had no option other than launch it. No issues from me with passing, but for the love of f**k, do with purpose and try move it quickly this season. I really can't take another season of mind numbing, sleep inducing side to side then backwards then to right/left back who hits it back 1st time to keeper who outs it back to CH who passes it to other CH who takes an age to make a decision then launches it because it has taken so long all space is closed off! If we move the ball quickly, learn to, like other teams from league 2 upwards, make a pass with only one touch quickly to someone in space and we support them to receive a pass again. If we mix it up pass with purpose, then everyone wants that. There will not be a fan complaining. What @SGMilne is taking about isn't that, just the directionless shite we've been served up and nulified by everone we've played for last couple of seasons. Although as Mulgrew isn't playing wee may see less and less of it.
  20. It was 2100 odd. It's about what I'd expect for geoup stages of the league cup against Peterhead.
  21. I'm not sure we can see more from Middleton though. That is my worry. It's been mentioned further back on this thread that he was like that at Saints too. He must look good in training, has ability on the training ground, but then is anonymous in games. He'll have one good game in 6 where you think yes, "there is the player we know is in there" & then back to normal service. Other than that I agree. Thought it was good to see Mochrie and Glass not afraid to shoot from midfield. The past few years, our team has been scared to shoot.
  22. Some nice football played, although it was against Peterhead (no disrespect intended), and I'll expect tougher games in the Championship. Mochrie and Fotheringham look good, Glass OK, but can see him being an asset. Cudjoe will be an asset too, think if he can get a goal, then he'll settle down a bit. Holt seems solid enough and Graham looked far more like he did previously. Sibbald still looks a better player than Docherty. Watt was really noticeable as an attacking threat, he looked more like a forward thinking midfielder today, but was getting stuck in. Still looks for fouls though. Middlelton though, should be no where near the starting 11. Fotheringham and Cudjoe both ahead of him in my opinion based on the 3 games so far. Both of them can take a man on, and look like they have pace. Also, so far at least, you'll know they are on the park.
  23. There has been signs of optimism from my seat here at Tannadice. Moult has scored, Mochrie is doing well for me, actually making decisive attacking passes and not scared to take a shot. Grimshaw is a strange one, for a right back he constantly cuts inside into the middle. Meekison seems to be getting better and doing OK. Other posters saying talking about thwir annoyance over Docherty starting ahead of Sibbald, my annoyance is the continual game time for Middleton. Absolutely innefectual & for a wide man appears to be towing a caravan his pace is so non existent. He also refuses to take on his man, everytime. He annoyed the hellout of me in the Premiership, if Peterhead is to hard a team for him heaven help him in the Championship. All said and done I do hope he does well
  24. I'd like the club to just practise throw ins in general & to realise that you can take one quickly before the defence is set. It is an absolutely excruciating watch to watch us get a throw in, slow everything down as the right/left back amble up the pitch, stand with the ball above their head for what feels like an eternity looking for someone to receive the ball, then the inevitable. The throw comes in and it is cleared by the defense, or the receiver hits it first time to the throw taker who misses it and out it goes for an opposition throw. It has been like that for years, it's a joke. Like the open play on the pitch have some variation. Play fast, play slow, pass, go direct, quick throw,.long throw etc mix it up, as unpredictability stops the ability to be completely nulified by the opposition.
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