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  1. A win over Hamilton would give us nine points and at least a +4 goal difference. That should be enough to get us through as one of the best runners up, given the results and points splits in the other groups.
  2. Except if you're Hearts. They fielded an illegal player a few seasons back at Cove, in our group, and were deducted two points. Normally, the opposing team would be awarded the points and a 3-0 win, but that would have eliminated Hearts and made their televised game at home to Inverness on the last day a dead rubber, much to the chagrin of the TV company, therefore the SPFL only deducted two points to keep the group alive. There is no banana republic in the world that can lace the boots of a SPFL committee.
  3. Cliftonville were nowhere near top to middle championship level when they played at Stark's Park last year. We beat them 3-0 without getting out of second gear.
  4. He's not signed for Southend. He's signed for a bell end.
  5. I clicked on Raith TV on the website. I had to re-enter my name and season ticket seat to reactivate it. Accessed the audio successfully by doing it that way, although the quality has been iffy so far. Hope this helps.
  6. For a start, FlapJack isn't starting ahead of Laidlaw in league games, surely?
  7. I've absolutely zero hate towards Rudden, but I'm not disappointed that we haven't re-signed him. He had a wee purple patch from mid February to early March, but never hit any sort of form thereafter.
  8. It was two games for violent conduct (which is a sick joke in itself). He had to serve one game immediately and the next game in that specific competition. I'm sure it was the same with Euan Murray when he got sent off at Hampden last season.
  9. It's a nine out of ten from me just now. If the hoops go all the way round the back and the numbers are red, it's full marks.
  10. We'll get back to both teams playing in home colours in the Fife derby. Pity both teams' away kits are better than the home.
  11. It was strange how Accies wore Joma kits once (in the 2023 Challenge Cup Final) then never again. Didn't like the all red back, but I assumed that was going to be their 23/24 kit.
  12. Hopefully Wayne Rooney falls out with Ryan Hardie and tries to oust him out of Plymouth.
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