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  1. Are Hearts liable to sell 4300 tickets ( roughly). For a game at teatime on BBC on a Sunday, if so, hats off. .
  2. Why would that B trenchie, I think we will be looking at a crowd of 6k max, so probably wouldn't need it any way.
  3. Crawford was all the rage 4 or 5 years back at Hamilton, all of a sudden it went quiet, I always felt their was an off field issue with him, he has never got back to that level.. Spong i have watched a few times this season and was a stand out , he made you tick in the middle of the park, Welsh is decent enough but not that type of player. Are you guys confident if getting to 40 points which always gets quoted as the water line.
  4. What is the split of the gate, it isn't 50.50 , it is not something like 45 home, 35 visitor and the rest goes to SFA.. it's not as simple as it seems, to be honest I am glad the club are trying to maximise revenue streams, I see Hospitality is in the Rowan suite, how many does that hold, it seems pretty well priced .
  5. Don't know anything about tickets yet, heard on Saturday that Hearts will get 2 stands, 4300 approx ,, Airdrie will be in usual main stand, think expecting a crowd of around 6k.. also rumour I heard was away car park may be getting closed due to Hearts buses and the BBC broadcasting trucks.. if so we better get there early..
  6. Hard to disagree about the game, fair result, the game ebbed and flowed for the 90 minutes and was an intriguing watch, Thistle istill class as one our bitterest rivals, but to be fair they are the best side we have played (3times) this season, Airdrie are becoming a lot more streetwise, we had 4 potential starters out, and we still competed to a high level, a 3 week break as we go on our cup travels , after that teams will start to kick for home and the pressure in the league will really crank up. Is the decent Partick outfit down to shrewd business and coaching by another young manager just waiting for a chance, Doolan, Rhys, Tidser (Kelty), Agnew ( Stranraer) have all been trusted by their chairmen, which really goes against the grain of Scottish Football where the same names get thrown in the bowl time and time again.... Yogi anyone....
  7. Answering your post( respectfully hopefully). I can understand your frustration been there myself your club is on its arse, and you watch teams spend money like a drunken sailor and signings decent on paper players at will, Going back to our dark days we were in Provisional Liquidation not administration ( don't know the difference really TBH) basically we were fucked, We had a few CHANCERS Archibald being the biggest liar since pinnochio and for some reason the liquidator KPMG liked another wrong un who was linked to Dumbarton, as you say we got a stay of execution and somehow survived that season, yes we did have Owen Coyle from Ross County, he wqs over 30 and considered to be 'shot' in footballing terms, the rest of that team had some decent names but absolutely done Eddie May, Derek McWilliams, Fraser Wishart, Landry Zahani oni,Scott Bannerman, we stayed up somehow, and the following season we picked up some decent players Ian McCall was in his pomp back then, picking up Mark Roberts in the exit trials, Alan Ferguson keeper thrown on the scrapheap (knees were done though) Craig McPherson freed by Morton , big Kevin James, Stuart Taylor, Lee Gardner , Colin and Stuart McDonald a 16 man squad that punches way above it's weight, it was thrown together not carefully crafted with a warchest.. It has taken us a long time to get back to the championship, do we belong here time will tell, One thing I will pull you up on Craig Feroz "The Bulll" he was a great striker for my local junior team Rob Roy back a few years back.
  8. We will give you the 32 pence back next to time you visit Airdrie if you want..
  9. Now we are talking Happy Mondays, the early 90s were a great time to be an Airdrie fan and also for the Manchester music scene, what a time to be alive...
  10. The Premier is just a massive clique, as you say St Johnstone appointed McLean a total disaster , everybody knew it, same with Motherwell when they appointed Hammell and Ross County the same with that maniac Adams.. They seem so ingrained in just getting the money, I would like to see those chairmen try and make their club competitive on 100k prize money a season, that we had to do for years in League 1.
  11. A lot of talk of the Hearts game being on the box, 24k you get for it, If it is somebody said a Monday night is a possibility also (BBC showed last season on that night). It would highly affect the crowd, I am hoping a for a 3pm Saturday and get a big crowd in, 24k is worth roughly about 1200 fans, you would lose more than that off the crowd on a Friday or a Monday..
  12. Rhys is doing and has done a fantastic job, I just don't think the bigger clubs would take a risk on someone doing something completely different, they are too set on their ways of survival and negativity, look at St Johnstone a poor negative side who could easily finish 7th in the top league this season.. Hopefully he is here for a few more years , enjoy this time being an Airdrie fan, look at the next 3 games, Partick at home, a televised Semi final at Raith and a possibly televised Scottish Cup 5th round tie at home to Hearts, it sure beats Clyde, Peterhead and Montrose respectively..
  13. Maybe I am getting mixed up with the old sky money... 24k is nothing special if you play on a Friday or Monday night...
  14. What is the BBC TV game worth these days still about 80k
  15. Good draw, Hearts maybe bring 2.5 k was thinking the same possible TV game, although Hearts were on it yesterday against Spartans.. The old firm will get the other 2 TV games as normal.
  16. Remember back in those days we struggled to get scarves ourselves in the then under stocked club shop, they must have been acquired by fair means or foul, it was hardly a funeral pyre FFS, did happen though, irrelevant now right enough, just things you remember.
  17. Was running late to the game yesterday and decided to pay at the gate, joined the queue and somebody in front shouted, this is the pie queue pal, halfway to the main gate, might seem joking now, but I had to have a double take... Which brings me on nicely to the catering, why oh why do we only have one stall open for near on 1700 fans, Back in League 1 when sides brought 50 odd they quite rightly had the pie stall open for them, why not for our own fans, a one point at half time yesterday one of the queues was doing the eightsom reel.. reading the saints thread they were far from impressed with the catering and service also. Maybe something for the SLO to bring up..
  18. I seem to remember it was a midweek game after a typical postponement back then, we lost 2 - 1 to a looping Graham Bayne header late on, There was a bit of bother after it in the car park across the road, I seem to remember some Airdrie scarves being burnt by the busload of Dunfermline fans, didn't go down too well ....
  19. Were the plans not for the Colin Weir Training ground to be in Kirkintilloch anyway at the old water works down from the stables pub restaurant.
  20. It was very hard to do, but sportscene made St Johnstone look The better side., lol... And not many excuses given by the pundits, although McFadden wasn't on it..
  21. Remember Airdrie signed him on loan from Celtic in January window 2 years ago, very good going forward, lots of potential seems to have lost his way when down at Hartlepool, would think he would be a solid signing and he probably still has a chance to play at a higher level, think he is a Kirkcaldy boy but don't hold that against him.
  22. 1672 Airdrie, our crowds this season are up about 30 percent than recent seasons, averaging about 1300 home fans in League games, last couple of seasons round about 1k roughly, on paper it's not great, but on our dark days of 6 or so years ago we were lucky to get 650 home fans.. like yourselves it's a modern 10k stadium and smaller crowds make it look worse, A few of our fans including myself felt we could get a result today,
  23. So the Saints didn't go marching in then, all quirks aside , both sides have as good as each other in the pre match banter stakes.. 1032 St Johnstone fans today, really impressive support and your team let you down, it's not easy or cheap to follow football teams these days, hats off.. Good luck for the rest of the season and hopefully relegate Ross Co and that moron Adams,
  24. I remember the last time we played St Johnstone at home in the Scottish, our first season as United, it took a last minute mishit Mark Baxter cross to save their skins that day at Airdrie, with saints beating us on penalties in the replay...... At a wintry McDiarmid Park, it's only taken us 20 years for payback, I was gutted that night travelling back..
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