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  1. One for the future I suppose, but once Labour are in, the Daily Mail will name a cabinet post/portfolio as the Minister/Ministry of Woke.
  2. They chose the wrong Starmer, imagine what this man could do as PM.
  3. Have we ñot already done this multiple times on various threads ? Back on topic, will the Sturg cop a charge ?
  4. I'm struggling to get over that, f**k knows how the Coventry fans will.
  5. FWIW I thought Naismith got it pretty spot on today. Decision making in the final third and perhaps not trying to force more set pieces cost them as they comfortably matched Rangers despite the set back of conceding early. Clement did nothing to dispell the growing evidence that he's fraudulently bald.
  6. The anti Tricky Trees agenda has long been a problem in the upper echelons of the English game.
  7. Souttar should be nowhere near the squad for the Euros.
  8. Can see hearts scoring from a set piece here. That Rangers defence is shaky and Lundstrum in front of it is utter dogshit.
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