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  1. Anderson fucked up massively by mentioning Khan. If it had been some non entity left wing backbencher or councillor, he'd probably have been OK.
  2. The 'SNP point scoring' story fell by the wayside days ago as the lads can't keep their story straight. It's about radical islamists and Mp's safety now.
  3. She's clearly massively deflecting here and shamefully joining in the anti minority grift as she sounds out alternative ways to get paid. Was she brought down by the establishment ? Yes. The same establishment that put her in the role, the media, the think tanks, the donors, the dominant party of government. The fact that her batshit ideas and clownshoe performance were too much for even them, should result in a bit of self reflection, but alas...
  4. Risible stuff. Why not just make being a politician a protected characteristic, or make it illegal to shout at anyone who earns over 60 grand a year ?
  5. These Afghan fellows are probably decent enough lads, but the article clearly states they've been working closely with terrorists under suspicion of committing war crimes. Joking aside, Normal Island thread for this.
  6. It's obvious that the historic crimes we're witnessing, the crimes beamed, often live, onto our phones and TV screens wouldn't immediately stop if the British parliament voted for a ceasefire. The idea that it doesn't matter is of course nonsense. It's helpful to know which of our elected representatives are pro ethnic cleansing and mass murder and who isn’t. Or who would stoop to bribing or threatening the Speaker of the House (also a c**t for clarification) in order to appear like they're against it.
  7. What sort of nuance are you looking for here ? This kind ?
  8. I don't particularly think the SNP set any sort of trap. They used their Opposition Day motion to call for a ceasefire, something supported by 2/3rds of the British public. Labour have had ample opportunity to call for a ceasefire in the 4 months that this plausible genocide has been going on for. If they did intend to set a trap, then it's probably actually worked, because if nothing, the utterly bleak and cynical shenanigans that make up 90% of politics in this country have been quite openly exemplified by the behaviour of the Labour Party over this.
  9. We're getting somewhere now. Still wondering why this is the SNP's fault though, ?
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