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  1. I think most of us Morton fans would be ok with that if it means we don't need to see him in a strip again.
  2. This is some laugh. Brian Graham was practically man marking the referee and Bannigan was following him about being his back ups. I don't think I saw any time wasting from either team during the game and when Morton players fell over it was usually because they'd been blootered up in the air. Undoubtedly a game ruined by a referee.
  3. Other than that comment I think he sees what we all said, which was Inverness weren't very good and Morton made it hard for them to play. Which is exactly our style and we're ok with it. Unlike some other managers in the league, past and present, he's not complained about Morton being overly physical when making it hard for them. If Inverness' good run was based on the performances of Wotherspoon and he was marked out the game so easily last night, it could be a long rest of the season. He's not likely to be absolutely prolific but if he's used in a team playing to his strengths then George is a great striker for this level. That's two excellent finishes in two games and I'm very glad we've got him. I'd certainly rather have him leading the line than a number of other strikers in the division.
  4. I was very sceptical of the team selection before kick off but Imrie got it absolutely spot on. Lots of good performances and nobody was obviously shite. Strapp was very good again. The work rate and pressure to force Inverness into making mistakes was what we came to expect after last season. What a difference having a full squad makes.
  5. I didn't think I'd ever see a midfield with a pairing of Gillespie and Wilson described as energetic but you're quite right. Crawford seems to be back to his terrier best and getting quickly onto men too.
  6. Broadfoot had been fine (ducking one in the first half aside) but it's quite telling that we finished the game with (most of) our preferred centre backs, and a natural left back and right back all playing. Wilson and Blues as the midfield two also looked pretty comfortable and worked their socks off chasing and winning second balls. Generally a decent performance and a massive 3 points. Gillespie played as well as he has all season before he went off and there was the high press we became used to last season, especially in the second half. Boyd was very good at that in his time on the pitch today. Any word on what happened to Ricky Little, looked like a bad one with nobody near him?
  7. I'm quite pleased to see that he's pish all the time and not only when Morton are playing.
  8. Probably because he's the least horseshit of our midfielders at the moment, and I include Crawford in that. Dougie is right to an extent, the players who got the plaudits last season aren't performing, but one of (if not the) reason for that is the signings he made during the summer have put big gaps in the team which are dragging everyone down. Michael Stewart called it correctly in his commentary that we were yards off Dunfermline and that there was no organisation to the press. We did have that last year Crawford was massively important in that, but he could do it because behind him there was some semblance of organisation and confidence in others to do their jobs. Wilson and McGrattan should get an opportunity in the midfield next week, French shouldn't play at centre back, Power and/or Broadfoot need dropped because they're not up to the pace of the game and Imrie needs to decide if he's playing Oakley or Muirhead, because we can't press effectively with both of them with the team he's built this season. If not be adverse to a keeper change either, Mullen hasn't done anything wrong and while McDonald has generally been good so far, he's had a couple of poor moments over the last week. Bearne I think deserves more game time based on his showing last night but we don't have the liberty of carrying him until he gets up to speed. He might also turn out to be the kind of player who looks good for flashes in games and then disappears; see Boyd last night. Dunfermline, certainly in the first half, did everything right; quick passing, good movement, pressing when appropriate, tactically spot on, not afraid to shoot and should have had a penalty to likely be 0-3 up at half time.
  9. Are we as Morton fans rattled or do we just not like the guy and recognise that he's not up to the standard he's made out to be by the media? He's allowed a team top of the league to absolutely chuck it over the last 6-8 weeks and hasn't figured out how to stop the rot. If that was the majority of other managers in the league(s) there would be serious questions asked.
  10. Not really sure what that's got to do with anything. His signings have been more hit than miss and mostly of good enough quality for the Championship. The issue most of us have is that Ali Crawford isn't delivering but keeps being selected. Yesterday was another example of where he looked good in flashes but nowhere near enough to justify a start, especially over someone like McGrattan who has been excellent all season. Miller isn't up to the standard.
  11. Riga for New Year 2020 was excellent. Big free party by the river (no tickets needed) with plenty of drinking and very chilled policing/stewards. Bloody freezing though and the beer/champagne/balsam induced hangover was rough but a trip to the beach on the Baltic (Jurmala) on New year's Day sorted that out.
  12. The 95/96 Morton team was full of guys who were much better than that level. Rajamaki caught the eye but Mahmood, McInnes and Lindberg were all tremendous footballers. Janne Lindberg was the pick of them for me, just a fantastic player. Elsewhere we've had a few players who've been very good but only been at the club for short spells, Paul Fenwick and Scott Paterson were both very classy defenders.
  13. That's the season in a nutshell. Defensively sound, even more so when Mcginty hasn't been on to have a minimum of 1 bombscare moment per match, but we're garbage up front and the midfield falls somewhere between the two.
  14. The games, or periods in games, under McPherson when we've looked competent Oliver has been on the pitch. I'm not a huge fan and he definitely doesn't give the goal threat that you'd want from a forward but he's absolutely key to letting us get up the pitch as the only forward who can hold onto the ball with any regularity. Otherwise we get absolutely pummeled by any team willing to come out and attack us, and if Mcginty is in there run the serious risk of gifting goals. I can't see him being dropped though unfortunately.
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