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  1. 1 hour ago, FFC 1876 said:

    I do feel for them as this has been us for the last 5 years but it's fucking fantastic not being the laughing stock of scottish football this season.

    "4 fucking strikers on the park" "Get that in your fucking interview" "Well done John another defeat at home"

    4:30 onwards in for the best bits.

    Why on earth would you feel sorry for that mob? Get it right round them.

  2. 22 hours ago, Long Suffering Bairn said:

    A random thought:

    While Lawall scored a good goal during the week, he has never impressed me.  He seems to be painfully underweight and, for me at least, is poor at controlling the ball as it comes to him, most times it bounces off him and he is easily dispossessed.  Yes he will score a goal here and there after coming on as a sub, but I don't have any confidence he can play a more important roll for us than that.

    Smh, because he’s barely been given a chance.

    5 goals and 1 assist in 19 league games says it all. 

  3. Just now, roman_bairn said:

    It’s probably a decent result under the circumstances but we probably also want to beat teams like Cove when they are significantly weakened.

    My main concern is that we have conceded 2 points to Hamilton who I think will be the team to beat.

    They appear to have battered Kelty in Fife today and I couldn’t see us doing the same based on last season and the limited improvements so far.

    However as many have said, it’s early days and I’m happy that we got something out of a game we could easily have lost…..


    Classic hater smh.

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