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  1. Tavernier attempting an overhead pass back to his keeper there.
  2. Are we still allowed to use the term 'sand-dancer'?
  3. Crocker, "the fans need to stick with this". Arsehole.
  4. A penalty and a red for that incident just seems plain wrong. It is disproportionate and can essentially ruin the game as a spectacle. If the defender had deliberately handled or there was an element of recklessness, fair enough, but otherwise it is shite.
  5. Reckon so? I'm not sure it was deliberate, though perhaps that isn't the issue?
  6. Dundee v St Mirren match thread. Dundee United content....
  7. Absolutely gutted at that. We were the better team by a margin.
  8. Gogic should be given the captaincy of the club. The man is a colossus.
  9. Whether Gogic intended to clear that there or not, what a run!
  10. We've lost the momentum and shape we had at the start of this half.
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