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  1. When Jack Ross secured his 'big' move dahn saaf he hadn't achieved anything of real note. He was very much in the 'promising young manager' bracket. Robinson has a proven track record at a higher level (in Scotland) and more experience than Ross had. I would be very surprised if Aberdeen don't have him on their list of potential managers. Likewise, its likely he'll be on the radar of clubs up to and including the level of the English Championship. Sadly, I can't see him being at Saints next season.
  2. Aye, that is also true. Clearly I am not so much glass half empty, as glass lying on the floor shattered into many pieces.
  3. January windows, as a rule, are a bit shite. The two that stick in my mind are Dundee United breaking the bank to stay up at our expense, and us punting Kenny McLean to go down (at our own expense....Gentlemen's Agreementgate). I appreciate there are many others of different flavours, but those two are the most memorable for me on many respects.
  4. Aye. Prior to the KO of the Dumbarton v Rangers cup game at the weekend, a pundit on Sportsound referred to a Dumbarton player (keeper maybe) having once been on Rangers books, and how he would be looking to "impress his former employers"....
  5. Genuine question: is anyone screening the 'adverts' that appear on this site? If so, is this type of material deemed appropriate?
  6. Naismith just embarrased himself there. That was a man who is refusing to acknowledge that he simply isn't up to the job he is in.
  7. Stay over. As the Festival is out the way, you should get a Premier Inn room for less than £1K?
  8. Aye, fair shout. We'd have been braying for it at the other end too.
  9. Excellent, controlled finish by Tanser. Made it look easy but that is a great finish. Glad they included the preposterous play-acting by the Well player at the end. He tried to turn, bamboozled himself, and simply fell over, but the desperate howls from the stands looking for a penalty are hugely entertaining.
  10. Folk are out enjoying the weather! Get your Speedos© on and get your pimply blue erse out there!
  11. I don't think they were trying, and if they were, they certainly didn't pull it off!
  12. Could say the same about players who have signed PCAs? Aye, okay....maybe not
  13. The majority of us grunts who are wage slaves have to work a notice period before leaving a post. Perhaps that should also apply to football managers. A notice period that runs to the start of the next transfer window. At least that way the clubs could take a bit of time to consider who to bring in as a replacement, and the new manager would have a transfer window to work with.
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