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  1. Knew before the match Strain would have a field day against your right winger at left back. Balde, Bird, McIntosh and Slater looked far and away your best players. McKenna was invisible and genuinely felt bad for big Turan it’s not his fault he was signed
  2. The only way I would be happy with Kayode is if it was a permanent deal
  3. I would agree it’s more of a Davidson signing than a St Johnstone one. Of the exact same mould as Conway, Bryson, Considine and about 10 others
  4. We’ve hit a new low when I’m thinking Olusanya has been one of our better players
  5. He’s been absolutely w**k I would rather we brought Lee Erwin back. We might have lost the league cup games last year but you could tell Ayunga and Baccus etc were good players, Mandron just looks terrible
  6. Caught out by trying to play a winger at left back, nothing to do with Shaughnessy
  7. If Lyness signed he will be your no. 1. I would say he was good enough for the Premiership and looked better than Danny Rogers
  8. Viktor Genev and Yoann Arquin, the man who got 2 red cards in his first 2 games
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