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  1. What a difference In our team. 1st half today was a joy to watch. This really could be the start of something special.
  2. Should be a really good game. The 1-1 draw between the teams at BB midweek before Xmas would have got football stopped it was that boring. But I sense a completely different game this time. As much as Stenny have been amazing this season I am quietly confident of Elgin getting the result on current form.
  3. What a win. Wonderful 3 points. 1st away win in a year and up to 6th. City on the move
  4. Incredible difference under the new management. 4-0 would not have flattered us today. Brilliant to see. What a player Mark Gallagher is. Thought that was Ross Draper's best game in a Black and White jersey today aswell
  5. I think the fact that Mitch does not train with the squad at all along with Jones has not done their chances of playing much good with the new management team. But like above I thought Mitch was very good tonight. Love his bite and passion he shows.
  6. Huge win for us. Not much in the game. Brilliant save from Mchale at 1-1 and the mistake from the Clyde goalie the difference between the teams for me.
  7. Ryan Macleman has signed a permanent transfer and Mark Gallagher in on loan from Cove. The manager has been well backed that's for sure.
  8. Very hard to predict this one. Certainly a game Elgin could really be doing with 3 points.
  9. Shane Sutherland trained with the squad last night. Will be interesting to see how that plays out. If he could prove his fitness he would be a great signing imo.
  10. Big blow that result today. A draw would have been decent to lose in that circumstances is hard to bear.
  11. I believe he played against Elgin in pre season. He looked very good in that game. Albeit against an awful Elgin team.
  12. Another very promising signing. Great window so far.
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