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  1. Well deserved! Little surprised Nicky got in and obviously McIver not being in most probably wouldn’t agree with either but we’ll take it. You almost never see a near clean sweep like this, massive well done and deserved.
  2. No great ball control? His first touch is fantastic! Almost always controls it first time and either finds a man or has the intelligence to hold the ball up and allow the three in behind to get into space, without McIver up there doing the job he does Miller, Nisbet and Morrison can’t properly play the game they have done this season. Over and above getting a decent number of goals and assists his overall contribution this season has been massive! Does you brother not watch much football???…
  3. Agree looking at it now our ticket prices are probably on the cheap side comparing to what the clubs around us will be charging, fans do have the option to buy a “managers fund” season ticket at the cost of an extra £60 which I hope those who can afford it go for. Even then our ticket prices for next season will still likely be lower than what a Dunfermline or Dundee utd are charging this season.
  4. Ross is out of contract, he’ll have no wages at all in less than two months time and Tait is a loan player. I don’t think any of them are particularly far fetched signings.
  5. But Tait would be on loan, surely Hibs pay his salary and we contribute a percentage? Also not sure who is going to offer Ross any more than us, considering he’s obviously not wanted by Raith and he’s been used mostly as a squad player for us this season. Have you heard a club higher up the food chain as being quoted with an interest? I’d a have thought we would have a decent chance at getting both if we wanted them.
  6. Our season ticket prices are very cheap by comparison so a voluntary donation over and above the base line price is a good option IMO, those who can’t don’t have to but those who can have a way they can directly help improve the calibre of player John Mcglynn will be able to sign over the summer. If fans own the club then fans fund the club, we are only going to get as good as we pay for and the money that’s supplemented the playing budget has quite obviously been spent wisely so far. More of the same please.
  7. 100% this! The full thing works when every component part pushes in one direction, no ego’s, point scoring or wee personal tantrums from individuals. Just everybody putting the club first with no caveats and looking at the bigger picture, on and off the park everything is starting to click but it has not happened by accident.
  8. He’s been fantastic, his stats are obviously decent enough but anybody paying attention to the actual football over and above that can see he’s been far and away the best striker in the league. It can’t be underestimated how crucial keeping him fit this season has been for us as we don’t have a like for like replacement, he’s the focal point in our attack to where all our forward players perform and use mcivor as such.
  9. Agree with this, we have not had it easy. Hamilton are a very decent side and to absolutely body them the way we have is remarkable.
  10. They are guilty of financial doping and the fact this shit still happens in Scottish football is disgusting. We should have some form of domestic ffp rules like they have in other countries. Any sane football fan should be against clubs operating in this way! Particularly Falkirk fans with us being fan owned and having fallen foul to diddy clubs like Livingston or Ross county in the past. ……Having said all that an away day at Hampden will be fun!
  11. Because the club was being badly run until the fans took matters into our own hands and bought the club! Maybe Hamilton should take note …..
  12. These folk are a tiny minority, you never meet them in real life but they can be prevalent on here and will appear from under a rock as soon as we eventually loose a game so be prepared! lol.
  13. Nobody is particularly “desperate” about it. It’s just looking at the facts and stating them, i’e. Points gained, league position and the opposition he’s been up against. Taking all that into consideration he’s probably been decent. I’ve no idea why Hamilton fans are so desperate to convince themselves this Hamilton squad was ever going to be good enough to finish above a Falkirk side of this standard that is on such an extraordinary run of form, it’s borderline delusional.
  14. IMO there is as much chance of winning the lottery as there was of that Hamilton squad being able to finish above this Falkirk side regardless of who the manager is. Managing a smaller club and gaining 2nd place behind a bigger club but still with a healthy points total is no disgrace for Rankin, only 2 players or maybe 3 at a push from Hamilton would be considered starters in the current Falkirk squad.
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